Tropical Fish Party
How to host a party under the sea

Under the sea. . . . Under the sea. . . . Oh, so happy you'll be to have a party under the
sea. Invite the whole school of fish for a birthday party under the sea with a Tropicl Fish

  • Tropical fish party game: Help decorate your party in a tropical fish theme and add
    an activity with the colorful tropical fish bean ball toss game, left. The kids will love
    feeding the hungry fish, and you'll love the affordable price.

Decorate your tropical fish theme party
Here's how to decorate your coral reef at home:

  • Make use of a bubble maker: A constant stream of bubbles will instantly provide an
    under the sea theme in your decor and kids naturally can't resist popping and
    chasing after them.

  • Fill the floor with a sea of blue and green balloons. No helium is necessary for
    ordinary balloons, but be sure to prop large mylar tropical fish balloons to swim
    throughout the party space.

Tropical fish favors

  • Tropical fish clappers will fill your goody bag nicely
  • Tropical fish bubbles will add an under the sea ambiance
  • Tropical fish cups will help
  • Tropical fish paddle balls, left
  • Tropical fish squirt toys, left
  • Tropical fish rings, left, made of rubber
  • Tropical fish tattoos, lower left, includes six dozen tattoos, which is more than
    enough variety. Have a few sponges on hand and adult supervision. Tattoos are
    easy enough to remove with rubbing alcohol.

Tropical Fish Party
consider having fun with the wording:

  • Trish the fish is turning five!
  • So pack your scuba mask and join us at a tropical oasis
  • "Sea" you there: Saturday September 25
  • Poolside at 123 Main Street
  • RSVP Diving Instructor Emily at 876-5309

What to serve at a Tropical Fish party
  • Gold fish (they look a bit like clownfish)
  • Swedish fish (they come in tropical colors, too)

Resources for a Tropical Fish Party

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