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Valentine's Day Party
Sweet Valentines Day decorations and crafts for kids

So your little Love Bug wants a party? Kids love Valentine's Day. Whether it's a
birthday party on February 14, a Valentines Day party at school or a celebration at
home, here are some sweet ideas to celebrate Happy Valentine's Day with kids:

  • Bake a red velvet cake. The fancy Valentines Day Red Velvet cake, pictured left, by
    Wilton is a beautiful surprise for kids. They've likely never had a red cake, and
    this classic, moist and delicious recipe is a cake they'll surely remember. It's a
    cake that's a work of heart.

  • Valentine's party for school: If you're hosting a Valentine's party for school you
    may have some limitations: candy for example. If you can add an educational
    element, it will be easy to persuade teachers and parents to allow a bit of
    candy. You can use conversation hearts, red M&Ms or jelly beans for counting
    projects (count the candy in the jar guessing game for example), or for Bingo.
    See more school valentines day party ideas, below.

  • Valentines day party invitations. For a personal Valentines Day invitation, print
    copies of a favorite picture of your child and affix wiggly craft eyes that are either
    proportionally larger and smaller than your child's eyes in the photograph. Have
    fun with your Valentines Day message, such as "Eye" want to invite you to my
    Valentines Day party." or "I have my EYES on you Valentine."

  • Get crafty! See our favorite kids Valentines Day crafts. As a bonus, we also have
    more decoration ideas, activities and craft ideas below.

Valentines Day Decoration ideas:
As kids parties go, a Valentines Day party is easy when it comes to setting up.
Decorating for a Valentine's Day party isn't so necessary. Most of the fun is in receiving
valentines. If you create a special bag or box, then that can serve as decorations. Still,
if you're bent on decorating for the party, here is some inspiration:

  • Candy and Carnations centerpiece idea: Snip both ends off a dozen red vines
    licorice twists. Trim to size a dozen red or white carnations or a variety of pink
    and red. Insert the stems into the licorice vines and set in a clear vase. You
    might also bunch the carnations tightly together with red licorice laces.

  • A conversation starter centerpiece. Find two clear vases one larger and one
    smaller that you can nestle inside. Arrange the flowers in the small vase, fill with
    water and wipe any excess moisture. Nestle the smaller vase into the larger one
    and fill the space in between with conversation hearts.

  • Bake from the heart. For cookies that will inspire a heart to heart, bake cookies
    iced like real conversation hearts. Follow the directions at Wilton or bake our
    easy Big Batch Sugar cookies and use a meringue powder icing.

  • Edible confetti. Candy conversation hearts make excellent confetti for the table,
    so be sure to get plenty of candies to sprinkle about the party. The great thing
    is that they are edible and pose less risk of choking hazard than metallic confetti
    or other plastic decorations you'll find for Valentines Day.

  • A new twist on a classic holiday candy. Have any leftover candy canes? "Glue" two
    wrapped candy canes together into a hear shaped to recycle the candy into this
    super sweet Valentines Day treat. You can hang your Valentines Day ornaments
    on birch tree branches, or use one as a cake topper.

Valentines Day Party Menu
Here are our favorite treats for Valentine's Day with kids:

  • Eat your heart out (and pay them lip-service). Bake the luscious and lip-smackingly
    good lip glossy cookies pictured left and they'll hug and kiss you. Or break their
    heart and bake the two-tone heart cookies, right. Both beauties are ideas by

  • Spread some love. Here's a Valentines Day Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich they'll
    never forget: start by spreading red jam or jelly on a slice of bread, then lay on
    the plate. Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter on other half, discard center,
    assemble with peanut butter so that the red heart show threw.

  • Don't frown because they're brown, kiss them with color. For your favorite brownie
    recipe, dust off each square with powdered sugar or colorful Valentines Day
    sprinkle sugars, using a small cookie cutter to stencil the heart pattern. You'll
    find  a sweet pink dusting sugar available on Amazon.

  • Valentines Day drink ideas kids will love. Focus Vitamin Water is a pretty pink
    beverage and here's how to make a sweet Valentines day concoction for kids:
  • Line a pretty cocktail glass with a wedge of lime.
  • Dip into cocktail sugars, such as one intended for a Cosmopolitan.
  • Garnish with a Marichino cherry!

  • Some like it hot. For a chilly Valentine's Day cocoa, first dip mug rim in mint
    extract & crushed peppermint hard candies. Garnish with chocolate chips.

Valentines Day Party games and Activities
Most of the activities for a kids Valentine's Day party will be in distributing the
valentines and in eating the goodies. But if you want to make this party extra special,
then try these games.

  • Play bingo with conversation hearts. Transform an ordinary bingo game into
    something extra ordinary with edible pieces. The kids will love marking their
    bingo cards with conversation hearts.

  • Lucky Ducky Valentines Day Game: Use a sharpie to mark numbers on rubber
    ducks (you'll find several large and small heart shaped varieties available
    online).  F have kids fish out their prize. Make every kid a winner with varying
    prizes from a lollipop to a plush bean bag toy.

  • Turn them into pastry chefs. Set out a variety of cupcake toppings in colorful
    shades of pink, lavender, red and white.

  • Make Valentine's Day decorations with candies!
  • Heart shaped candies:Melt Wilton Candy Melts or chocolate into the heart
    shaped silicon tray, lower left, to create easy Valentines Day candies at home.
    Try adding food coloring to the water for great party cubes!
  • Gather your favorite red candies, pinkcandies, and purple candies into mini
    cellophane treat bags and staple your own cardboard flap to make a candy
    packaging. Left, rubber stamps give a personal touch to sweet treats.
  • Learn how to make and decorate dipped pretzels for Valentine's Day or any

Valentines Day Card ideas
Think of creating Valentines Day cards as an after school activity with your child. There
are so many kits and ideas on the Web to make the job easier:

  • Shrink the fun! Make Valentines Day an activity with Shrinky Dinks "I love You
    Cards," right The kit includes 12 cards, envelopes and ribbons.

  • Try the love is blooming Valentines Day card. Turn a lollipop / sucker into a flower
    by adding construction paper leaves and petals.

  • Get on the Love Train. Go ahead and "train" your child to make Valentines Day
    Candy Card: it's wrapped candy glued into an edible locomotive.

  • I only have Eyes for you: Jeepers peepers, the kids will love the rainbow glasses
    cards, right will get everyone in a festive mood. Use them for Valentines Day
    cards or customize them for invitations.

  • Try a sweet and neat treat. Sometimes it's the little things that make Valentines
    Day so special.  Fill small bags with sweet treats (try red hots, conversation
    hearts, jelly beans), then fold over a card stock and staple, then stamp it up to
    create tiny treat bags, pictured left. Alternatively, decorate the bags with small
    stamps to create the pocket treasures.

  • Trivial pursuits: How sweet is this? Japanese women give chocolate to men (and
    not the other way around). Here's more Valentine's Day Trivia!

School Valentines Day Party Ideas
A Valentines Day party for school has some limitations around what the teacher is
allowed to do, and around how much parents are willing to pay for supplies. It also
revolves around the time: kids parties at school usually last just an hour. Here are
some ideas for organizing a Valentines party at school (selecting the right age
appropriate activities is up to you):

  • What to serve at school: Policies at school for food vary, but you can check in with
    the principal and teacher about any limitations. The following ideas are healthy
    options for schools with strict policies:
  • Valentines Day Smoothies: Fruit Smoothies are something that teachers, parents
    and kids will all approve, and best of all they're pink. Even so, you'll have to
    check with the teacher to see if there are any strawberry or dairy allergies. You'll
    need a blender, as well as enough cups, straws and napkins for the class. Plus,
  • Valentines Day Muffins: Let's face it.  A muffin is really a cupcake without frosting,
    but this food idea seems to slip by nicely from schools with strict policies
    forbidding cupcakes and other treats at school. Blueberry muffins are a favorite,
    but for Valentines Day, you might try cranberry,  raspberry, or strawberry. Avoid
    any muffin with nuts as nuts may cause a serious allergic reaction. Whatever
    muffin you bake, you're sure to find pretty cupcake wrappers to hug your muffins
    with Valentine's Day cheer.
  • Strawberry bagels: Strawberry bagels are pink. Again, as the strawberry is an
    allergen, you'll have to

  • Easy school decorations: Make a paper heart garland. This easy and inexpensive
    craft will transform the party space instantly. This activity idea comes to us from, but we suggest parents make these ahead as boys (particularly
    the older ones likely won't want to make them). Simply string paper hearts on
    yarn with the help of a hole punch.

  • School Valentines Day Game: Make a Cupid's Arrow toss game. Also from, you'll want to collect some cereal boxes right away. The empty
    boxes become heart shaped targets that promote hand-eye coordination. Kids
    construct their "arrows" (paper planes) and take aim at the Valentines themed
    target you create (a large heart cut in the center of a cereal box). For younger
    kids, you can make your own bean bags from pink and red felt and turn the
    game into a bean bag toss.

Real Valentine's Day Parties

Now it's your turn to tell us about your real Valentine's Day party with kids. Did you
host a Valentines party for school? How do you make cute Valentines Day
decorations?  We'd especially love to hear your school valentines day party ideas. Visit
us on Twitter and
share party ideas.
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