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Dracula party idea: put on the blood red light
Vampire party
How to throw a kids Halloween party featuring vampires

Partying is in your blood! Yes, you've gone batty and want to throw a Vampire party
for the kiddos of Gothic proportions and yet you don't really want to curdle their blood.
Relax, a vampire party doesn't have to be gruesome or scary. So go ahead and invite
the "blood relatives" to this kid friendly party. Here's the party plan for an entertaining
and cute vampire theme party:

  • Fangs a lot! As kids arrive to your vampire party, greet them with a bit of humor.
    For example: "Fang-you very much for coming to my party" or "Ah, yes, my blood
    relatives have arrived!" Then give them a pair of plastic or wax fangs and say "I
    hope you hang around long enough to enjoy a bite to eat." The humor will go a
    long way towards emphasizing your theme and getting kids in the mood. Kids
    love wax fangs. If you give them out, be sure to get extras for the favor bags.
    Buy a bag of plastic fangs for decorations, too. You can scatter them on the
    table like confetti. Look for the glow in the dark variety of fang favors too.
  • NOTE: Plastic or wax fangs are not suitable for kids under three.

  • Count on a Dracula for the entertainment! Have a "friendly vampire" or
    "vampiress" entertain the kids with face painting to create faces suitable for a
    twilight moon. The artist might also partake in balloon tying to create vampire
    staffs or pretty wands for the vampiresses. Or your count dracula might serve
    drinks and appetizers and help with the party games or help apply the bat
    tattoos, right. Work with your local entertainer for this special request or hire a
    local high school drama student. Or Twilight yourself: a vampire costume is
    relatively simple to create.

How to decorate for a Vampire Party
As theme parties go, a vampire party won't require too much decoration if you hold
your party at night. Stick to a few basic colors: red and black works well, as do black
and purple. Throw in a few vampire teeth and you're pretty much there. Here's how to
be merry and not scary:

  • Have fun with vampire novelties. The Silly-Bob pacifier, left, is great fun.

  • Put on the red light. A red light bulb  for around $1.37 (plus shipping) will help
    you light the room in blood red to appease the vampires. Sure, you can add a
    black light bulb to give the place an eerie look, but you may be disappointed as
    a black light won't give you, well, any light! Don't blame the manufacturer. Here
    are more ideas to transport kids to Transylvania:

  • Gone batty. Kids love rubber bats, and while you can hang them from the ceiling,
    you'll get more coverage with inflatable bats you find at the local dollar stores.
    Save the smaller rubber bats for hanging on doorways.

  • Gothic lace. Drape creepy black cloths (available from the party supply or online)
    as window coverings or as the entryway to the party. You won't regret getting
    a few extras to ensure coverage and get the look you desire. Look also to the
    fabric store for velvet

Activities for a Vampire Party
Skip the coffins and creepy stuff for a kids party. Here are some vampire party games
and activities that won't cause bad dreams:

  • Prepare a blood thirsty surprise. Here's a fun trick and a treat the little vampires
    will love. Prepare several cups each with a tiny drop of red food coloring. Quickly
    add ice to each cup to cover the drop, then gather the kids round. Dare each to
    try a special recipe from Dracula himself. Hand each child a cup then pour lemon
    lime soda on top and watch the kids excitement as it magically turns red before
    their eyes.

  • Pumpkin decorating. Avoid bloodshed and skip the knives, after all, it is a kids
    party. Instead of carving pumpkins, you can decorate mini pumpkins with
    Sharpie markers. Have plenty of black markers on hand (as well as the colored
    variety) to create eerie bat shapes and funny Jack O Lantern faces. Provide stick
    on sequins, wiggle eyes, pipe cleaners and foam shapes. Kids will also like to
    glue on mini pom-poms or add funny paper feet.

  • Count Draculas. Kids love counting and you can make a game of counting how
    many Draculas and bats you've hidden in the room as decoration. Award a prize
    to the most accurate guess.

Vampire Invitations:
Vampire party invitations couldn't be easier and here's how: start with the idea of a
small jewel box and tuck inside a set of plastic vampire teeth party favors, along with
your message. You'll need plenty of vampire fangs for the party, so stock up and get
them in bulk online, left. They are so much fun to deliver.

  • Count on us to throw a Halloween Party!
  • Join us for a bite to eat, won't you?
  • Ghouls and boys should arrive at Twilight, Saturday, October 30 at 4:00 p.m.
  • Smith residence (just West of Transylvania) at 123 Main street
  • RSVP: Countess Mom-ula at  867-5309

  • R.I.P Vampire Party Invitations: Another way to have fun with vampire invitations
    is with R.I.P. invitations, where "R.I.P" stands for "Really Important Party." Find
    coffin candy shaped boxes, right, or draw a coffin shape on your invitation, then
    spell it out inside as you invite kids to your "Really Important Party." For
    example: "Count Mike-u-la has invited you to his Really Important Party!" Then
    finish with the invitation details (suggestions above).

Recipe Ideas for a Vampire Party

Tru Blood soda, above, is available on Amazon, but any soda with a splash of
Grenadine will serve well as a vampire drink. A healthier option is, of course, Cranberry

We certainly hope your guests stick around for bite to eat and if so, here are some
very vampire ways to celebrate:

  • Visit our kids freaky party food ideas.

  • The perfect bite! The bat sandwich cutters will cut crusts as they shape adorable
    halves of bat sandwiches. It's the perfect bite for kids.

  • Type O Negative Jello shots: Here's some blood they'll want to suck: strawberry
    or raspberry gelatin you prepare in Jello shot glasses, left. Look ma, no spoon!

  • Draculas Donuts. Serve jelly donuts because they ooz, of course! To make this
    Transylvania treat spook-tacular, create a little mini graveyard style marker out
    of cardboard that reads: "Here lies Draculas Donuts."

  • Drippy Cupcakes. Cupcakes are dripping with frosting, so you may as well have
    some cupcake holders to match. The dracula party printables we found on ETSY
    entitled: "I vant to eat your cupcakes" are dripping with cuteness, and anything
    but a drip.

  • PBJ:  Take two slices of bread, cut a cross shape from one of the slices using a
    cross shaped cookie cutter (the kind easily found during Easter, left).  Spread
    peanut butter on that side. Take another slice of bread and spread strawberry
    jelly on it. Now place the peanut butter half on top so the red jelly oozes from
    the cross.

  • Transylvania Tea: Gather the kids and mix all your favorite sodas into a thrilling
    "count-coction." For example, mix Root beer, Cola, lemon lime and orange. Have
    kids participate in the stirring and they'll all want to sample the special "tea."

  • Fangs for this healthy idea: Serve apples with slivered almonds so they look like
    Dracula's teeth: the Apple Bites idea comes from Family Fun. You might
    otherwise alter the recipe with pumpkin seeds.

  • Blood Thirsty for more? Here are some drink ideas:
  • This will drink idea will serve as entertainment for kids vampire themed party.
    Prepare a red plastic cup with a drop of red food coloring. Then quickly bury it in
    ice and invite the kids to come.
  • Blood red orange juice is healthy and kids love it.
  • Get the Dracula Bloodworm Mocktail recipe when you visit our freaky food
    halloween food ideas.

Vampire Party Favors
Shop early during Halloween and you'll find rubber bats, inflatable bats, and bat rings
ideal for a vampire party, along with all the vampire fangs you'll need for the party.
Here's how to use these party essentials for vampire favors:

  • Have a ball with styrofoam. Count on Better Homes and Gardens to give sweet
    inspiration for your party favors. Craft your own Count Dracula Party Favors  
    from mason jars stuffed with candies and topped with a crafty and creepy Count.
  • A candy toast to Translyvania: Fill a creepy Halloween goblet with red jelly beans
    (look for cherry instead of hot cinnamon, which is unpopular with a lot of kids).
    Wrap your candy cocktail in cellophane.

  • Count on Count Chocula. Send kids home with a box of Count Chocula Cereal,
    from General Mills. If you can't find them locally, buy them on Amazon, left.

  • More vampire favor ideas:
  • Make necklaces from rubber bats by drill holes in the wings to fasten a
    chain or ribbons. Get inspiration for a rubber bat necklace from
    or buy directly from an artisan there.
  • Give them an I.V.: The Blood Energy Potion, right, is candy!
  • Vampires Lunch Gummy Candy, also right, which is licorice.

Resources for a Vampire Party

  • Vamp it up with party ideas from Get easy party decoration ideas,
    including inspiration for a vampire pumpkin, plus simple bat invitations, and
    Gothic table setting ideas. For example, steal these cute ideas:
  • use vampire fangs as place card holders!
  • craft a Gothic window treatment of black garbage bags
  • add paper fangs to the family pictures you display
  • make a bat mobile
  • string garlic into pendant necklaces
  • and so much more!

  • Just like Dracula's mama used to make... Try this "no bake" cookie recipe from To  make the adorable Dracula Cookies, start with a basic
    ingredient list of sandwich cookies, fruit rollups, truffles, slivered almonds, and
    black icing.
  • See also our big batch sugar cookie recipe and use the dracula cookie cutters,
    left. Sugar cookies for Vampire kids parties can have shapes of bats and fangs.

Real Vampire parties
Have suggestions for entertainment at a kid's vampire themed party? Maybe you're
headed to a Dracula Party. We're looking for cute (and not so scary) party ideas. Tell
us about your real vampire theme party and
share party ideas with us on Twitter. We
love hearing about kids parties, and we Twitter about themed crafts and foods.
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