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Watermelon Party
How to host a juicy watermelon party

The great thing about kids parties is that you really can host a party on the whim of
the birthday kid, even if it's a party all about watermelons. If the birthday kid loves
watermelon, then why not? A watermelon birthday party is just the slice of life for a
summer birthday and it's easier than you think to pull off with our part yguide.

A watermelon party is a juicy idea for a
kids party, and here's how to host a memorable
one at that:

  • Juicy Couture: You'd be surprised at the available selection of watermelon
    inspired clothing. The birthday kid can sport a watermelon sun dress, a
    watermelon bikini or a watermelon sun hat, left. You'll even find watermelon
    sunglasses or a watermelon purse! Once your eyes are seeded on the idea of a
    watermelon party, you'll find a variety of fun in the sun accessories and clothing
    with a watermelon theme. Yes, watermelon is the fruit of the loom!

  • Watermelon party supplies: The idea of a watermelon party will grow quickly on
    you as you discover the plethora of watermelon party supplies available. There
    are watermelon paper plates, and we even found watermelon lollipops that look
    lust like the yummy slices. We even found a watermelon pinata and you can
    easily fill it with watermelon jolly ranchers and watermelon bubble gum. We have
    more sweet treat ideas for a watermelon party, so read on. Here's what else we
    found: a watermelon balloon, watermelon party lights, and an assortment of
    watermelon melamine party ware from Boston.
  • Watermelon mylar balloon, top left.
  • Watermelon cupcake picks.
  • Watermelon plastic tumbler
  • Melanin plates in watermelon motif, set of a dozen, top right.
  • Watermelon paper party plates and napkins left.
  • Whack a watermelon pinata, immediate left.

  • Watermelon birthday cake: Here's the inspiration you need for a mouthwatering
    cake to serve. Start with the iidea of a red velvet cake, but ease up on the
    coloring to think pink velvet cake. Imagine a sweet pink cake with chocolate chip
    "seeds." You can start with a vanilla cake batter and add watermelon flavoring.
    left. And whynot get it? It's just $2.90 for a dram and with free shipping. What a
    deal for a hard-to-find item.

If you host a watermelon party, be sure to have the kids pose with a watermelon as a
smile, then use the picture fir the thank you cards.

Watermelon Party Invitation Ideas
Here's a big slice of an idea: consider having fun with the wording, watermelon style:

  • Have a slice of Watermelon and some cake!
  • Avery is turning five, please join us for a birthday picnic
  • Get in on a slice of the action Saturday, September 25 at noon
  • Watermelon slices and lunch served at: 123 Picnic Lane
    (water games immediate following)
  • RSVP Wendy at 876-5309

Watermelon party favors

  • Watermelon candy:
  • Watermelon Jolly Ranchers, ideal for stuffing in a pinata.
  • Watermelon Big Slice Pops, right

What to serve at a Watermelon party
Of course you'll be serving watermelon, but you'll have fun serving up Watermelon
fresca, and pink cake with chocolate chips in them to give an appearance of a
watermelon. Have fun with chocolate chips in everything from cupcakes, to cakes, ice
pops, and even jello.

  • Lunch menu: Serve pizza for lunch on watermelon slice plates, pictured
    immediate left. Wash them up and serve cake for dessert.

  • Watermelon gelatin. Use a half a lime to chill a pink raspberry or strawberry
    gelatin seeded with chocolate chips. When the gelatin forms, cut the lime into a
    half wedge so that it looks like a mini watermelon slice. It's a very refreshing and
    theme appropriate treat. Watermelon Jello is extremely hard to find at your local
    grocery, but easily available online, left.

  • Watermelon candy buffet: Host a wateremelon candy buffet with watermelon
    gummies, watermelon jolly ranchers, watermelon suckers, watermelon gumballs
    and more.  Watermelon gum is also available in packs.You'll love the watermelon
    Jelly Bellies, right! There's even watermelon licorice.

  • More watermelon treat ideas:

Watermelon party decoration

  • Watermelon doormat. Welcome summer with a watermelon door mat, pictured
    immediate left.

  • Watermelon flag: Right, the watermelon flag will greet guests in style and
    welcome visitors all summer long.

Resources for a watermelon party
Thinking of having a Watermelon party? Believe it or not, others have had one before
you! Here are some ideas for a watermelon party.

Tell us about your Watermelon party and share party ideas with us on Twitter. We love kids
parties and share quality links with our friends.
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