Snowflakes: Winter Wonderland Party
How to have a glistening birthday party for kids

Is Jack Frost nipping at her birthday? Give her a Happy Brrrrrr-thday with glittery,
shimmery, wintry whites, and touches of frosty silver and blue. You can plan a
wondrous kids winter party at an ice skating rink or as a cool way to throw a party at
home. Planning a
first birthday? Then make it a Winter ONE-derland!

Go ahead and chill out any time of the year. A winter wonderland party is a fun
children's winter theme party, but you can throw this birthday party for kids even in
the Summer with our inspiration for games, snacks and decor.. And of course you can
throw a Winter Wonderland Party for your little snow princess starting with paper
snowflakes you make yourself.

Here are some icy fresh ideas to have you walking in a Winter Wonderland in a flurry:

  • Don't "flake out" on the balloons! A birthday absolutely needs balloons and
    we've collected the prettiest snowflake balloons for the party above. Be sure to
    see the SnowFlake Balloon Stick-a-tab, which adds a glistening dimensional
    effect to a dozen balloons. There are also must have mylar snowflake cluster
    balloons to order online that'll surely send her floating to a Winter Wonderland.

  • Make home made snowballs. Dust Styrofoam balls in glitter to make lasting
    indoor snowballs. The trick is to use spray adhesive before dusting with Crystal
    Snow or another glitter.

  • Make use of doilies. You'll find silver doilies and the traditional white ones in
    different sizes will make an excellent decoration for cups, glasses, plates, the
    birthday cake plate, and more.

  • Invest in a snowflake craft punch. Make your own snowflake confetti with a
    snowflake punch. The confetti will be good for the tables, the invitations, and
    thank you cards, plus you will be able to use them for years to come around the
    holidays (buy a couple of sizes).

More ways to set the scene for a Winter Wonderland Party:

  • Wrap a boa. The little snow fairies will enjoy frilly feathery Winter white boas.
    Wrap them around chairs for some irresistibly fluffy fun.

  • Hang snowflake ornaments from white birch branches. White birch provides a
    wintry touch that's so elegant, you may want to keep  the display all year long.
    Secure branches to a heavy wood base if they are tall, or find a large sturdy
    vase. Your local flower mart will have these elegant birch branches.

  • Use a cookie cutter to stencil snowflakes.
  • Cheat your way to beautiful snowflakes with doilies and fabric stiffener,
    as with Stiffy fabric stiffener, right. Add a layer of stiffener to doilies with
    a foam brush. Now the doilies are easy to hang!

Winter Wonderland Party Invitations
Your Winter Wonderland Party invitations can take several forms. Here are some
ideas to get you started:
  • Invite friends to the indoor blizzard with a simple snow flake invitation.
  • Winter wonderland party invitations might be in the form of ski lift tickets!
    You can include a lanyard, and instruct guests to wear their lift tickets to the
    party. This will  help add a decorative effect to your party.
  • Send an inexpensive mitten with a traced hand invitation on sturdy cardstock
    tucked inside. Send in a padded envelope.
  • Snowflakes in the envelopes:
  • Include a bit of iridescent intrigue by slipping in some Crystal Snow glitter
    with the invitations as a surprise.
  • Or choose a clear envelope, so that invited guests will see through the
    snow flakes.

Winter Wonderland Food

  • Display cakes in a Winter White cake stand dripping with crystals.
  • Doilies for the buffet: Make liberal use of doilies for presenting white foods at a
    Winter Wonderland party. They look like snowflakes! Dress up desserts with
    doilies. Buy small doilies and cut a circle the size of your cupcake to slip around
    like a cupcake wrap. Or use the doilies in the same manner to make ice cream
  • Martha Stewart's snowflake quesadillas.
  • Bake a ham and serve Snowflake Buns.
  • For dessert, sparkling Lemon Snowflake cookies.
  • Martha Stewart's Peppermint Icicles, which also has the download of
    instructions to make an adorable container to display this tasty treat.
  • Snowball cupcakes
  • Baked Alaska
  • Bake meringue cookies with white chocolate chips for an extra Wintery touch.
  • Look for buttermints with snowflake wrappers at the party supply stores.
  • Adorn cookies and cakes.Silver French Dragees will beautifully
  • Mix a tasty party snack that fits the theme: try the Blizzard Blitz Party Mix by
  • Paper icicles for the cake plate will give a white iced cake even more of a frosty
    fresh appeal.

Winter Wonderland favors
Plan ahead for this party if  it's in the summertime by shopping the holiday sales. You
may find plush silvery snowmen, and other decorations and favors with a winter time
feel. Stay away from anything green or red.

  • Transfer Crystal Snow into small vials to make fairy dust.
  • Insta-Snow
  • The comical "Don't Eat Yellow Snow" lemon rock candy (available in sets of six
    packs) will surely evoke a reactive laughter with kids at your party.

Winter Wonderland Party Games and Activities

  • How to have a snowball fight. If your Winter Wonderland is in July, then you
    have the luxury of filling white balloons with water for an old fashioned
    "snowball" (water balloon) fight outside. Provide mittens for each child, which
    will make it harder to get to the snowballs and add to your soggy outdoor fun.

  • Use one Styrofoam "snowball" for a snowball fight. Gather the troops in a circle
    for a rousing game of hot potato using the snowball.

  • Make your own snow globe. This project is fun for just about any party, even an
    under the sea theme!

  • Go ice fishing for Swedish fish. Spray paint a cardboard ice blue, cut a whole
    and allow kids to fish for prizes. In this simple game, there's no skill involved.
    Kids line up with a fishing pole and you attach their prizes.

  • Crayola Snowflakes Party Craft Kit includes  supplies to craft 12 wooden
    snowflakes. Look for this item and other fun crafts on Amazon.

Resources for a Winter  Wonderland Party

  • Plan ahead and buy snowflake decorations off season. In November the dollar
    stores are filled with inexpensive plastic snowflakes. January is an ideal month
    for a winter wonderland party especially because everything will be on sale
    after Christmas.

  • Make your own paper snowflakes. For expert instruction on making realistic
    snowflakes, consult "Make Your Own Paper Snowflakes" by Peggy Edwards,
    right. This book, right, is filled with removable patterns to make almost three-
    dozen snowflakes.

  • Handy with crochet needles? Then you can make the elaborate design
    suggested by Martha Stewart: the Ice-crystal Garland.

Real Winter Wonderland Parties

We hope our guide has inspired you to throw a Winter Wonderland party. Tell us about
your real Winter Wonderland party!
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