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Wizard of Oz Party
How to have a Wizard of Oz party for kids

There's no place like home for a Wizard of Oz party! And like Glinda the Good Witch,
we're here to help guide your way with inspiration, party planning, and ideas so you
can send your little Dorothy somewhere over the rainbow. Here's how to have the
cutest ever Wizard of Oz party:

  • Any girl knows that a Wizard of Oz party is all about the shoes! Above you'll find
    Wizard of Oz party dessert plates, ruby slippers for the birthday girl,
    inexpensive ruby slippers book mark that double as a cupcake pick, ruby slipper
    mylar balloons and gorgeous resin ruby slippers ideal as a centerpiece for your

  • Somewhere under the pinata kids will be scrambling for candy. The rainbow
    pinata, left, will provide the perfect back drop for your party. Fill it with bright
    Skittles candies.

  • Get high on Hot Air Balloons: Use the hot air balloon place card holders, pictured
    right, to give funny names to buffet table foods or appetizers, such as
    "Munchkin Snack Mix" or "Emerald Punch." Another lofty idea: create a utensil
    holder for the buffet table with the utensil-holding hot air balloon idea from
    Family Fun.

  • And your little dog too. Your little Dorothy can use the Toto in a basket as part of
    her costume to greet guests, and when she's tired of it you can use it as a

  • And that's a wrap. The  popular Wizard of Oz shopping tote, left, would make an
    ideal wrap for the birthday gift. Tie a ruby slipper mylar balloon, pictured top,
    and set out your package on the gift table. Looking for Wizard of Oz gifts?
    Search our Wizard of Oz gift ideas.

Wizard of Oz invitations

  • Wizard of Oz Invitation wording ideas:
  • We're off to see the Wizard on Saturday, August 22 at noon
  • Follow the yellow brick road to: 123 Mains Street
  • (It's somewhere over the rainbow)
  • RSVP: Auntie Mom at 867-5309

  • Thank you card wording ideas:
  • "A heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are
    loved by others." Thank you for coming to my party.

Setting the Scene for the Emerald City
The "Merry Old Land of Oz" is easier than you might think to create. You can buy a
poster for as little as $2.49, pictured right. Start by having the movie on continue play
on your DVD player. Then represent parts of the movie with a few simple decorating
touches. Since this is a kid's party, you already have the Munchkins. Here are some
other ideas for the story:

  • Yellow Brick Road: Roll on some chalk paint to create a yellow brick road outside
    at the entrance of your party. You may find a roll of yellow craft paper to do the
    job, as it's much easier, but it's a pricey option at $138 for the entire 1000 foot
    roll. The craft store might cut you the length you need, but a roll doesn't twist
    the way you might need, while chalk does the job nicely as is a fun way to
    involve your little Munchkins in a birthday project. Inside the house, lay
    construction paper "bricks" with masking tape to complete the destination to
    the party area.

  • Ruby Slippers and Wicked Witch of the East. Obviously, your little Dorothy should
    wear the slippers, my pretty, but a funny effect is placing the Wicked Witch of
    The West's door stop, pictured right, at the exit of a party. Create the look
    yourself by purchasing a pair of high heels at the thrift shop and spray painting
    them with red glitter paint. The finishing touch is stuffing a pair of striped tights
    and tucking them under the door. Striped costume tights are easy to find, but
    in a pinch you can buy a pair of white tights and make stripes with a Sharpie.

  • Emerald City: Make most of your party green starting with a green lightbulb.
    Green balloons, green streamers, and a green table cloth should also do the
    trick. Add lime green sherbet punch, lime jello, green M&Ms, green jelly beans,
    and green cookies. Mom, Dad and the siblings can wear green, or you can ask
    your guests to wear green, which is easier than having them dress like their
    favorite character. The highlight of your Emerald City efforts is the Cut-And-
    Assemble- The Emerald City Of Oz, pictured left, which you can proudly display
    at the party. With characters and fun, this is in an easy to assemble three
    dimensional delight.

  • Poppies: Find some faux poppies at the craft store to use as decorations or
    craft some tissue paper flowers. Another way to incorporate poppies into your
    Wizard of Oz party is to bake cookies to represent the poppies or simply serve
    Poppy seed muffins!

  • Lion: The lion seeks courage, though for whatever reason many people mix up
    this detail with the Scare Crow. Make your own badges of courage with fancy
    ribbons, or buy them ready made for the boys.

  • Scare Crow: The Scare Crow wants a brain. Give it to him by hosting a candy
    buffet. See the fun brains candy at the bottom of the page.

  • Tin Man: The Tin Man wants a heart. He wears a funnel hat and bears an axe.

  • The Wizard: Create your own "No one gets in to see the Wizard" sign for the
    bathroom. Inside the bathroom, create a sign "Pay no attention to the man
    behind the curtain" which particularly funny if you have a curtain in the room.

  • Glinda the Good Witch: While you can certainly make an appearance as Glinda
    the Good Witch in costume, you can represent her with a crown you make or a
    simple votive.

  • Flying Monkeys: Flying monkeys are scary for kids, but you can bring levity to
    the situation. The flying monkeys toy, pictured left, will bring some comic relief.
    Beware of small parts if you have children under three attending the party.

Cakes, Foods and Favor Ideas from the Merry Old Land Of Oz
Looking for Wizard of Oz party food? Cooking in Oz, above, is your ultimate guide.
You'll find Winkie Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie, Wicked Witch's Mint Squares, Monkey
Wings (chicken wings), Tornado Logs, Tin Can Brown Bread and don't forget the
Emerald City Avocado dip and Great and Powerful Rum Cake! Along with the Toto-ally
delicious recipes the Wizard of Oz fan also gets inside information and trivia.

With inspiration from the book you can come up with your own ideas for a candy
  • Set out a bowl of M&Ms and call them Auntie M&Ms (or make chocolate chip
    cookies with M&Ms and call them Auntie M&Ms cookies).
  • Any kind of a sandwich is a Good Witch.
  • Cheese Whiz-ard of Oz served with crackers.
  • Poppy Field muffins (poppy seed mini muffins).
  • Chocolate ruby slippers (pair Wilton's Red Candy melts with a slipper mold).
  • Lions and tigers and gummy bears, oh my!

Here are some other Wizard of Oz food ideas that Aunt Em would approve:

  • "There's no place like a home-made" cake. Wilton's Piroutte cake, pictured above,
    looks like a pair of ruby slippers when you frost it that way, save it for a
    ballerina party or princess party.

  • Buy a sheet cake and roll the Wizard of Oz edible image on top, left. Add a few
    icing poppies for a three dimensional look. Top the cake with a Ruby Slippers
    Figurine. The ruby slipper figurine, pictured right, is petite at 2.75" x 2" x 4.5"
    long. Made of sparkle filled clear red resin it has accents of red jewels on the
    front. After cake, it makes a wonderful keepsake.

  • Wizard of Oz Beverage ideas:
  • Emerald City Cooler. Any green drink becomes a favorite in the Emerald
    City. Try Jones Green Apple soda, Gatorade, or lime sherbet mixed with
  • Ruby Slipper punch: Any red punch will do.
  • Buy root-beer bottles and label them "Wicked Witches Brew."

  • Rainbow foods for a Wizard of Oz Party:
  • A rainbow fruit platter is a must. Include kiwi and canteloupe with
    blueberries, strawberries and watermelon, oranges, and pineapple.

  • Rainbow layer cake. The Under the Rainbow Cake, is perfect for any kind
    of Wizard of Oz cake. It's a vanilla cake with layers of bright food coloring
    in each layer.

  • Lollipop guild. Somewhere under the rainbow you'll find favors for the
    munchkins. The mini rainbow pops, pictured left, are just $5.99 for
    sixteen, and they are approved by the Lollipop Guild! Add rainbow
    candies, such as Skittles and Starburst candies to the goodie bags.

Gift ideas for the birthday girl:
If you're not feeling like the cowardly lion, give her what she's always wanted: a
puppy of her own. Present the pup in a basket at the party!

  • Have wicked fun dressing up. The Wizard of Oz Dress-up Trunk, pictured left, will
    provide hours of play and will serve as an activity for guests.

  • Build your own hot air balloon. You can unveil a colorful balloon you assemble for
    the party.  The kit includes ten pre-cut panels of tissue paper and a 16 gauge
    wire for the bottom ring. The balloon will ascend to 200 feet high and you can
    release it or tether it with a kite string.

  • Hold Game night with the Wizard of Oz Monopoly game. Play the traditional game
    of monopoly with six collectible pewter tokens including Dorothy and Toto,
    scarecrow, lion, tin man, tornado, and ruby slippers.

  • There's no place like a fun frame. Preserve memories of your special day in the
    Emerald City with the Wizard of Oz photo holder, pictured lower left. Affix a
    picture of your little Dorothy and her Munchkin friends along with a copy of your
    invitation. This card holder would also make a festive display for a birthday sign.

Real Wizard of Oz Parties
You're a "fairly Oz parent," but trust us, you're not the only one who's ever had plans
for an over the top Wizard of Oz party. Here are some real Wizard of Oz birthday

  • Best Wizard of Oz party this side of Kansas: The yellow brick road leads to the
    most exciting Wizard of Oz party, which was complete with apple tree topiaries,
    characters from the Wizard of Oz and even statues of the characters!

  • Lions, and Tigers and Bears! (Oh My!). Follow the Yellow Brick Road to this little
    soiree, a Wizard of Oz party that was filled with a delightful assortment of ruby
    slipper confections and cakes. Kids filled their own Toto baskets with treats.
    Clever foods on the menu included a "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" fruit bar,
    Auntie Em's lemonade, and Tin Man's heart chocolates.

  • One charming Wizard of Oz party. We've featured the One Charming Party blog
    before, but this Wizard of Oz party takes the cake for creativity. The hostess
    created gingerbread style houses with the Wicked Witch's feet sticking out as
    an activity. Our Big Batch Sugar Cookie recipe would work well for this idea. In
    addition to the sweet home style display of food straight from Kansas, there
    were plenty of Wizard of Oz games for the kids and the kids also earned prizes
    to gain Courage, Hearts and Brains, just like in the movie.

If we only had a brain!

We're looking for candy buffet ideas with a Wizard of Oz theme. If your party has a
candy theme, please write us now and
share party ideas by visiting us on Twitter.
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