Wizard party idea: Wizards staff
Wizard Party
Invite Merlin for a magical Wizard birthday

Your wiz kid is having a birthday and he's bubbling with excitement about a Wizard
Party. Relax, you don't need a degree in Wizardology to throw a dastardly good party
for the little wizards and witches. Sit a spell and learn how you can conjure up the fun
with a Wizard theme party, which is also dreadfully cute as a Halloween party theme.
No one will be able to resist the charms of attending your Wizard party.

Are you ready to set the scene for an incantation? The mainstay of colors for a wizard
party is black and purple and lavender and accents of silver and gold for stars and

Here are some ideas that even Merlin would approve:

  • Make a magical potion: Mixing Orange Koolaid with Grape Koolaid will give you an
    eerie black color, but the familiar fruity flavor remains. For an extra dash of
    enchantment, add a lemon lime carbonated beverage. The little sorcerers will be
    spellbound with the effect of plastic spiders, rubber rats and frogs spilling from a
    creepy cauldron with dry ice vapors. Start your hunt early for these online as
    they are much easier to come by during Halloween season. And start  searching
    a local dry ice service online as this will be your main ingredient for fun. Dry ice is
    just frozen carbon dioxide (same as soda pop). Dry ice potions will add a
    magical effect to your party with adult supervision of course.

  • Witch way to go? While there are lots of witch cakes, we found just one simple
    Wizard cake to help you gain inspiration for your Wizard party. Modify a witch
    cake to purple and silver with yellow and white moons and stars.

  • Wave the wizardly garb. Dressing the part of a wizard has just four parts:
  • Wizard hat. Anything with moons and stars will have them spellbound.
  • Wizard robe. A dark robe with a bit of glitter will give a magical effect.
  • Wizard glasses. The wizard glasses, right, will give you that Harry Potter
    look you want. They're hard to find and available online for party favors.
  • Wand. A wizard's party is all about the wand. After all, what is a wizard
    without his wand? Our favorite wizard wand lights up and makes a
    magical noise. Kids will love casting spells throughout your wizard party,
    and it's available online along with lots of other cool wizard costumes,

Wizard Party Invitations and Thank You Card Ideas
Invitations for your wizard party can be as simple as a scroll of black construction
paper with silver inscription, a bit of glitter. You might also stuff some star confetti
inside a small sewn black pouch, or stuff a "wizard's pouch" with a few creepy crawly
critters alluding of  the wizardry to come. A small plastic frog and a toy spider is
enough to provide the necessary anticipation. They'll be "charmed, I'm sure."

  • The wizards, warlocks and witches all need a ride to the party, so have fun with
    the mode of transportation and make a pencil broom to include with your
    invitation. Just wrap your invitation around the broom and mail in a tube (use a
    paper towel roll and staple both ends to seal).

  • Hand deliver a candy filled cauldron with a message "Something's brewing: and
    it's Michael's Birthday."

  • More Wizard Party invitation wording ideas:
  • All wizard apprentices are summoned to Michael's Birthday
  • Join us for a Spell Saturday, August 22 at noon
  • Wizards of [Last Name] Place at 123 Main Street
  • RSVP to the Wizard's Apprentice Tiffany at 867-5309

  • Wizard Party thank you card wording ideas:
  • "Thank you for casting a spell and wishing me well on my birthday."

More Wizardry in the Kitchen
Forget any recipe that calls for Eye of Newt, here are some magical recipes that will
add all the "enchantment" you need:

  • Magic before their eyes. If you've got the notion, you can create a wizard's potion
    to amuse and amaze the kids. Start with ginger-ale or lemon lime soda, and
    enough paper cups for each guest (the cups should not be clear). Without any
    wizard apprentices in sight, drop a dot of food coloring in each cup. The more
    colors you have the more magical the surprise will be. Now, quickly bury the
    drop of food coloring in ice and gather the wizards). Hand each kid a cup, cast a
    magical spell, then pour the soda and watch the giggles of delight as each cup
    turns a different color. If you want to add a fortune telling element to this idea,
    then explain (red = wizard with dragon's love, green = wealthy wizard, purple =
    a wizard of the royal court, blue = a true blue blood Wizard, and so on).

  • Witch sweets will you choose, my sweet?
  • Conjure up I scream sandwiches.
  • Put on your thinking cap to make chocolate wizard hats.
  • Melt chocolate fondue. (After all, witches have a habit of melting.)
  • Make a witch candy broom with black licorice twist and fringed fruit roll up
    the make the brush. A sweet and savory option is to start with pretzel
    rods and wrap fruit roll-ups around those.
  • The magic cookie kit, right, by Sassafras, includes magic dust and a cookie
    that turns blue! It received the 2009 Creative Child Magazine Preferred
    Choice Award.

  • Have fun with plastic spiders, rubber bats and snakes, and frog favors. Here's
    what to do with the creepy critters for the food presentation:
  • Freeze small party favors in ice cubes*
  • Drape rubber snakes over the edge of a punch cauldron.
  • Glue plastic spiders by cementing them with icing gel to your cake plates.
    Dry over night. (Don't use any toxic glues on the plates!)
  • Conjur up a magical dessert: "pickled frogs." Collect some jam jars, which
    will look like specimen jars. Find some plastic frogs, then wash them  in
    warm water and insert into the jam jars. Make a lemon lime gelatin
    according to the package and pour the mixture until it covers each frog.
    The kids will think this edible concoction is "toad-ally" cool.

  • Who-who, goes there? Owls are wizard messengers and eerie harbingers of the
    night because of their excellent vision. What a hoot it is to include owls as part
    of your party! Here are some ideas for the food:
  • Start with our big batch sugar cookie recipe. Cut a circle from the dough
    using a drinking glass. Cut out a portion from the top and place on a
    cookie stick to bake, like the owl cookie pop design we found on Flickr.
    Icing gel will help glue the fondant circles you cut.
  • These owl cupcakes are  OWL-fully cute!

  • The Kooky Cauldron Sundae by Better Homes and Gardens, pictured left, is a
    magical option to a traditional birthday cake.

Wizards Workshop
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. A wizard's workshop begins by cloaking party
goers in a Wizards hat, draping them in a cape and providing them with a wizard's
wand. Make party hats out of construction paper or buy Wizards hats online. Top left
is our favorite. For more Wizard hat ideas, see our favorite sites:

Wizard Tricks
It wouldn't be a wizard party without a few tricks up your sleeve. Impress the kids
with these simple tricks:
  • Wizard's trick hat: Impress the kids with your wizardry when you turn ordinary
    tissue paper into a conical Wizard hat with this cool trick. The Wizard shows two
    pieces of tissue paper and tears them to pieces. As the pieces of tissue paper
    unfurl, they transform magically into a large, conical wizard's hat! Packed 10 per
    bag, the kit includes illustrated instructions and a suggested routine.

Wizard Favors
You don't have to resort to alchemy to find wizard favors, but you will need to be
resourceful and start your search early. Shopping online is a quick and effective way to
shop for wizard favors. To that end, here are some ideas:

  • A wizard staff is a must. The Wizard staff, left is inflatable.

  • Little Wizard Mazes, right is a small booklet by Dover publications and makes an
    ideal favor. Pair it with a special wizard's pen

  • Wizard party favors aren't the easiest to find, so you'll likely have to improvise:
  • A glitter filled bounce ball becomes a crystal ball.
  • A magician's bag becomes a wizard's pouch.
  • Funny plastic glasses become wizard glasses.
  • Cut off the fingers from mittens to make wizard gloves.
  • Borrow ideas from Halloween.

    * NOTE OF CAUTION: Anything that fits through the tube of a roll of toilet paper
    is a choking hazard. Choose plastic spiders, toads and other small objects
    carefully particularly if any guests under three years old are present. Many small
    part items are intended only for children ages five an up.

Resources for a Wizard party

  • Go buy the Wizard's book. The Book of Wizard Parties, upper right, a real wizard
    shares the secrets of creating enchanted gatherings.

  • Tips and information about dry ice: Don't store dry ice in your refrigerator as it
    tends to cause your thermostat to shut off. See our dry ice tips and you'll also
    learn where to get dry ice.

Real Wizard Parties
Now it's your turn to concoct the perfect wizard party for kids. If you want to add a bit
of magical aspect, then see also our
magic party ideas. And be sure to stop by these
real wizard parties, planned by real moms:

  • Hayden's World of Wizard's party: This Wizard's birthday included magical potions,
    and games just for Harry Potter fans. Get the recipes for acid pops, pumpkin
    juce, licorice wands, and magic drinks, plus Quidditch treat bags and more.

Tell us about your witches party or wizard party and share party ideas with us on Twitter.
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