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How to throw a kids wrestling party for your little "Hulk"

Your son is obsessed with Wrestlemania? Then get ready to rumble and throw him a
Wrestling themed birthday that he'll never forget! He's sure to have a slamming good
time because we've gathered the best wrestling theme birthday party ideas with
inspiration for games, invitations and decor:

  • Turn the kids into wrestling pros: As kids enter your party, give them each a
    wrestling name! Have your child help you name his favorite Wrestlers or create
    some of your own, like Diablo Danny, Hulk Logan, or whatever clever name you
    can create from your guest list. You can take professional wrestler names and
    add the child's own first name or last name, for example: Randy Orton becomes
    Matt Randy Orton or Randy Orton Smith. John Cena becomes or John Cena
    Johnson. Get help with this list of wrestlers from World Wrestling Entertainment.

  • Talk like an authentic wrestling ring announcer. If you really want to rumble with
    the best ever Wrestling Party for kids, then a party must have is the WWE Ring
    Action Megaphone, top right. Unleash the inner Superstar of your child with this
    exciting multi-functional megaphone.  It includes 24 Superstar sounds and
    phrases. It makes a great gift for the birthday boy. It's also a great way to
    announce the birthday guests as they enter the party with their new name.

  • Wrestling Party Games: Kids entertainment for a wrestling party is easy: play
    Wii! If you don't already own WWE Smackdown vs. Raw, left, it would make an
    excellent birthday gift. Four kids can play at a time and you can select from a
    huge roster of 60 wrestlers! This may help you decide kids Wrestling names for
    the party. Be sure to have activities available for kids who don't want to watch
    the competition. See our other party game ideas below.

  • Flex your Internet muscles. The local party supplies stores won't have wrestling
    party plates, napkins, stickers, invitations or much of anything you need for a
    kids wrestling party, but we've gathered World Wrestling Entertainment party
    wares here. Look too for interesting handmade Wrestling items on ETSY.

  • Wrestling Scratchers: Left, we found a custom made Wrestler scratch
    game. You supply the prizes and number of winners and the ETSY artisan
    will send you the scratchers. You can make all the scratchers winners and
    have your guests collect the prizes at the party.
  • Custom Wrestling Party Wares: Look for wrestling party water bottles and
    custom wrestling ticket invitations from your party designs on ETSY.

Wrestling for more ideas? Your son will have fun with a Wrestling theme party when
you smack down on invitations, and involve him in the party details.

Invitations for a Wrestling theme party:
Kids wrestling party invitations can look like a real sporting event and you can have
fun with wrestling slang for the wording. Here are some ideas:

  • Host a WWE party: Invite them to a World Wrestling Entertainment party with
    the pre-printed WWE party invitations, right. Above you'll also find the matching
    WWE party plates and napkins. Have your son help decorate the envelopes
    with the WWE stickers, lower left. Buy extras for favors.

  • Use wrestling jargon for the invitations: Invite the "A-team" guests to an "A-
    Show" with home made invitations. The A-team are the top stars and an A-
    Show is a wrestling event with the biggest draws. Your party won't be a "botch"
    if you use this list of wrestling terms, and mom will certainly be the party "Diva."
    Tell guests when the party will "Finish" (the planned end of the match).

  • Send tickets to the main event. One rule about fight club birthday party: never
    tell the other moms about a "fight club" birthday party. Instead, send them
    invitations that look like a tickets to a real sporting event, pictured left. Now
    that's the ticket!

Wrestling party food:
Sure, Slim Jim's meat sticks come to mind for party snacks, but you're wondering what
else to serve the crowd. Here are some theme ideas for the party food:

  • Serve "Raw" veggie sticks. Enhance your theme food with a picture of Raw
    himself or a Raw Action figure. Now that's an appetizing way to serve your

  • Potato and ribs. Serve potato chips, a baked potato or potato salad with ribs. A
    "potato" in wrestling terms is striking or hurting another wrestler more than
    necessary. A "rib" is a practical joke played on an unsuspecting wrestler. True
    wrestling fans will enjoy your word play with the menu.

  • Sucker punch: Any punch in your color scheme is a "sucker punch" (a punch that
    catches someone completely off guard). Add to your sucker punch by creating a
    drink bottles for the party. Remove labels from water bottles and glue a ribbon
    medal, pictured left, to each before refilling with the bottles with punch.

  • Cheap Pop: A "cheap pop" is when a wrestler kisses up to the crowd for positive
    attention. Poke fun of the wrestling jargon and make your own "cheap pop"
    labels for your favorite soda. You may even like to surround your soda with
    chocolate kisses for the savvy wrestling fans.

  • Juice. In Wrestling "juice" can mean steroids or blood. Serve any red juice (if you
    dare) with a home made label. "This juice contains no steroids."

Of course you can also set up a concession stand with Wrestling party food favorites:
hamburgers, hot dogs and pizza. Kids are pretty easy when it comes to party food.

Wrestling theme birthday cakes:

  • Wresting cake toppers: Whatever the champ's favorite cake, you can modify the
    wrestling ring cake toppers set, top. Any sheet cake becomes a wrestling cake!
    Now that's how to knock out an easy dessert. Right, you'll find a traditional
    Wrestling  Birthday Cake topper set.

  • Wrestling with licorice laces for a home made cake: If you're short on time to order
    the wrestling cake toppers, you can make your own wrestling ring from
    chocolate dipped pretzels and licorice laces with a little ingenuity.

Wrestling Party Decorations
You likely already have several wrestling toys you can display to show your child's
passion for this entertainment sport. Still feeling cornered? Don't worry because
decorating for a wrestling party is relatively easy. The kids and the activities become
the decorations! Here are some ideas:

  • Belt them! Make your own wrestling belts. You can fashion one yourself with
    help from instructional videos on YouTube. Easier yet, buy the inexpensive
    wrestling belts, left. Award the birthday boy with the "gold" a special
    Championship belt.

  • Use a  wrestling toy as a centerpiece. Above, right, the officially licensed WWE
    action play set will highlight the table.

  • Rope off the food area, rope off the presents area. Do the same for the cake or
    cupcakes or where the kids will be eating.

Games and Activities for a Wrestling party
Minnesota, home of Hulk Hogan, is also home to Minnesota Wrestling Parties. Simply
hire Minnesota Wrestling parties and your party will be a smash because you'll get a
visit by pro Wrestler Lenny Lane.  If you live outside Minnesota, you can still have an
slamming good party, playing Wii wrestling games. Here are other party game ideas:
  • Thumb Wresting! Set up a thumb wrestling ring by sectioning off an area like a
    wrestling ring with wrestling ropes. You can get
  • Wrestling ring jump house (ask for over-sized sumo wrestling gear)
  • Craft wrestling masks.
  • Wrestling Card Game (Uno), bottom of the page.
  • Watch a wrestling match. Order WWE through Pay Per View!
  • Better than a pillow fight, Socker Boppers, pictured left. Buy a couple and have
    the kids rumble!

Wrestling Favors:
Realistically, you won't find Wrestling favors at the local party supply. So shop early
online for such things as:
  • Wrestling cards
  • Medals, above left, will make everyone a champion.
  • Fill plastic trophies with candies (wrap them in cellophane).
  • Thumb Wrestling action figures, left
  • Wrestling stickers, above left.
  • WWE Rumblers, action figures, lower left, come in packs of 2. You can split them
    up to give each child a character.

Wrap selected favors in a bandanna that a Wrestler, like Hulk Hogan might wear! Or
give all the kids a Hulk Hogan style mustache to wear, right. Save the other
moustaches for a
moustache party.

Gifts for the birthday boy

  • Get him a subscription to a Wrestling Magazine: WWE Magazine, left, serves fans
    of World Wrestling Entertainment and focuses on the lifestyles of WWE
    superstars and Divas, plus their movies, music, gadgets, fashion, and more.

Resources to expand your Wrestling party theme:
Here are more wrestling theme birthday party ideas:
  • Interested in Martial Arts? Add Sumo Wrestling elements to your party. See also
    our Martial Arts party.
  • Favor traditional wrestling? You might like an old fashioned wrestling party and
    stick to the sport and not the glamour. If so, then the wrestling birthday cake
    kit, right, is for you. Stick to a red, white and blue theme and add an Olympic
    element to your party.
  • Lucha Libra: Throw a Mexican Wrestling party! Add a Mexican buffet to your
    party lineup.
  • Make it boxing day! Your little champ might also like a boxing party
  • Professional Wrestling Party. If you live in Minneapolis, MN, then check out
    Wrestling Parties where kids have a slamming good time and the birthday boy
    becomes the star.

Real Wrestling parties...
A wrestling party for kids is an unusual theme.

So now you're ready to rumble with a Wrestling theme party he'll never forget! We have
hundreds of
kids birthday party ideas.  For the best ever wrestling theme party, we hope
you've enjoyed our ideas including games, birthday cake, wrestling party favors and more,
Now it's your turn! Tell us about your wrestling party and
share party ideas with us on
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