Yucky Science party
How to have a yuckiest party ever (and love it)!

Try not to get "grossed out, but we want you to pick our brain (not your nose) for
this really yucky birthday idea! A "Yucky Party" explores all things that kids find oddly
entertaining, including mucus, vomit, flatulence, diarrhea -- anything that's slimy,
stinky or visually unappealing. And if it makes a sound, then all the better! So why
not have fun with the yuckiest celebration ever?

While this may sound like an unsavory party theme for kids, there is also a scientific
element that makes this party idea both entertaining and educational. It may even
spark an interest in your child's career (biology, zoology, even health science).
For more
kids science party ideas, see our Mad Science party.

A Yuck Party is also a super April Fool's party idea, so get out a Whoopie cushion and
sit down to learn how you're going to pull off the best ever Yuck Party.

What to serve at a yucky party
Your yucky party should include lots of slimy and visually unappealing foods. Go
ahead, we double dare you to eat these:
  • Scoop up the Kitty litter cake recipe, above left
  • We know you're oozing to make some "booger nachos"! This is easy enough,
    just choose your favorite nacho recipe and a little green food coloring.
  • Bean Boozler Jelly Bellies come in very interesting flavors. Double dare party
    goers to try skunk flavors.

Invitations for a Yucky Party
Half the fun of a yucky party is the really yucky party invitations, but you don't want
to send a disgusting invitation. Think more in terms of practical jokes than anything
oozing or sticky. Invite the sugar boogers to your party with these cute party
invitation ideas:

  • Whoopee it's a really yucky party! Send your yucky party message with a
    whoopee cushion. Party-goers will get excited for your party and have fun with
    this farting mechanism. Your little practical joker will love a whoopee cushion,
    and these come with free shipping.
  • Send your message on the back of a fart whislte, also right.

Yucky Party Favors
Start your party favor search early (around Halloween) and you'll find lots of candy
eyeballs, fingers and noses. While they look disgusting, they are made of yummy
gummy candy. Here are more yucky party favor ideas...

  • Yucky party favors are in the bag: Your yucky party is in the bag with the yucky
    party favor bags. You won't even have to touch anything. The net bag,
    pictured top left, is filled with squishy, sticky body parts, insects and rats to
    horrify parents with a weak stomach. It's guaranteed to delight kids. Why not
    give it to the kids to celebrate April Fool's day.

A barf bag is a good container for anything yucky goodies you want to include.

Resources for a really disgusting  yucky party:
Even if you aren't really planning a Yucky Party, you'll have fun looking at these super
yucky resources to entertain your kids:

  • Disgusting science. With Scientific Explorer's "Disgusting Science - A Kit for
    Studying the Science of Revolting Things," kids will hardly know they're
    learning. Couple that fun kit with the "Disgusting Gags and Pranks"kit and
    you're in for lots of fun.

  • Go buy the book. Get "Oh, Yuck! The Encyclopedia of Everything Nasty," left,
    available on Amazon. But beware, even the book warns that "this book is
    downright disgusting." Another good option is "It's Disgusting and We Ate It."
    This book is filled with true food facts from around the world and throughout

  • Get more ideas for your yucky party by searching our Web site. Perhaps more
    cute than disgusting, you can borrow some funny food ideas from our
    Halloween pages. And we bet your eyes will pop with excitement over an
    eyeball party. Then there's the Mad Scientist party where you'll have plenty of
    ideas for "experiments."

  • As if that weren't enough... Here's more disgusting stuff: eHow shows you more
    fun and games for a totally gross boys birthday party. The author suggests
    making Kitty Litter Cake. Yum! If you like this idea, go buy the book, right.

  • Search the net for naughty noisemakers. A fart whistle is sure to grab some
    attention even from the ultimate prankster. Leave the "human poop" on the
    toilet seat and find these yucky pranks to give as prizes or party favors.

Really Yucky Parties
A yucky party is idea for boys, though girls will enjoy these parties too. Here are
some real Yucky Parties in action:

  • Totally Gross Party from Wendy in Florida. See kids drenched in slime and
    loving it along with a really yucky cute cake made with gummy candies.

  • Dare to be different. Check out five of the yuckiest cupcakes ever known to man.
    You'll be a green meanie if you make the kids eat a broccoli cupcake!

We love helping you plan your party, but we're also interested in your ideas! Tell us about
your yucky party and
share party ideas with us on Twitter.
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