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Throw a kids hallowen party or birthday with a zombie theme

This one's a no brainer! Just about any kid would give an arm and a leg to have a
zombie party! Whether it's a birthday or a Halloween bash, you'll have loads of fun
planning a party with a zombie theme that boys in particular will love.

You may want to host a zombie party for kids that's more cute than gory. No worries.
We've unburied the best ways to enliven this party theme for kids:

  • Don't toss your cookies! A Zombie birthday doesn't have to be scary. You'll dig
    this sweet idea for the party: zombie cookies displayed in a zombie cookie jar,
    left. Everyone will want to dig in for more of your zombie cookies made with
    Green chocolate chips. The secret is Guittard's Green mint chips, left. Or try your
    favorite recipe with a few drops of green food coloring in the batter.
  • See our big batch sugar cookie recipe.
  • Consider Zombie gingerbread cookies using the adorable gingerbread
    zombie cookie cutters.
  • Use the cookie jar as an ice bucket. Now that's a brain freeze!
  • Fill it with Brain candy, left.

  • Make it a thriller! Teach the kids how to dance like a zombie, Michael Jackson
    style! Load your MP3 with Michael Jackson's Thriller, and be sure to play The
    Ramones Pet Cemetary, the Doors, People are Strange, and, of course, The
    Cranberries Zombie. And don't forget music by Rob Zombie!

  • Open a Zombie Museum: Set up an area of the party for kids to explore with
    props as your zombie museum. Mom can be the curator to explain all the gory
    details and to set imaginations running wild with this zombie entertainment.
    The Zombie novelties you display can be given as prizes for the zombie games
    you play. A zombie museum is easy enough to do with a few props we've found:

  • Zombie Blood: This fruity green potion has all the nutrients the walking
    dead (or the walking alive) need to get through their day! Packed in a
    bag that looks like a hospital blood bag, this is the energy drink every
    zombie needs!  The birthday kid will crazy for this. Use it as a decoration
    display for the party as part of a mini zombie museum.

  • Zombie Warning poster: Kids will start to get into the  party theme when
    they see the Zombie Warning poster. It explains how to indentify a
    zombie, places to avoid, displatching a zombie and more. The birthday kid
    will appreciate displaying this poster on his wall.

  • Zombie Jerky: Who thinks of this stuff? The undead are not just for
    drinking, but for eating too! Zombie Jerky is a delicious slimy green beef
    jerky made from 100% real zombies (or cows as some people call them)
    and boasts a delicious "teriyucky" flavor. Each realistic looking specimen
    bag packs 1.25oz of Dead Meat Chunks. Invite the kids to try a chunk!

  • Sweeten up the Party with Zombie Candies: This is a party theme where you
    should indulge the kids in candy! There are lots of cute gummy candies, suckers
    and more to give the kids some laughs and entertain their sweet tooth, so
    consider hosting a zombie candy buffet:

  • Zombie bars: Sink your fangs into a Zombie Bar, a premium chocolate bar
    in zombie green with crispies added for that extra crunch. Simply

  • Organ harvest gummies
  • Earthworm candies

  • Bloody bones candies: These scary candy bones feature a spattering of
    red coloring giving the appearance of blood. Perfect for the Halloween
    party candy dish!Size/Count: There are approximately 450 pieces per
    pound.Bone Length:

  • Zombie costumes: Zombies costumes were everywhere on Halloween 2011. It's
    like this idea of zombies came up out of the grave with kids almost overnight.

Zombie Party Invitations
Invite the undead with these zombie party invitation ideas:

  • Zombie finger in a box invitation: The undead don't often get invited to parties,
    but when they do, body parts are part of the fun. Right, you'll find Zombie
    fingers. You might also make your own zombie suckers

Zombie Party Decorations

  • Your little horror movie fan will love it if you set the DVD to continual play of a
    horror movie. To keep things on the light side, try a ZOMBedy (you know, a
    zombie comedy). A good one is

  • Zombie Decorations: Decorations for a zombie party are easy thanks to
    Accoutrements. Items that poke fun of zombie horror films that would be ideal
    for party props include:
  • Zombie Pet Shoppe: Featuring bulging red eyes and that classic greenish
    zombie tint.

  • Zombie props: The zombie fingers, and zombie hand, right, will add an element
    of authenticity for your party. Just beware that the kids will definitely "borrow"
    your prop and perform a few antics. Encourage it!

Zombie Party Food
Everyone knows that zombies hate fast food, so you'd better run fast. Here are some
ideas for zombie themed food.

  • Zombie cake picks: While ideal for the birthday cake or cupcakes, the zombie
    cake picks left are ideal to display any appetizer for your party. Stick the zombie
    food picks in cheeses, poke them into the buns of your zombie-burgers!

  • Zombie buffet table decorations: Let your foods be the decorations with creepy
    hands and body parts. Set up a zombie buffet table with the dashboard zombie,
    top right, as a centerpiece. If you have a large cake to display, he'd make an
    unusual cake topper.  Scatter the horror movie victim figurines, also pictured
    top. They're smaller, but would add to the table of terror you create. The
    birthday kid will appreciate having the bobble head on his desk as a keepsake
    of the party.

  • Finger foods. Lay out an array freaky foods at your buffet, including finger

  • Anything tastes better on a stick! How sweet it is with these cute ideas for
    zombie marshmallows, zombie cake pops, zombie fingers and more.
  • Zombie marshmallows: Make zombie marshmallows with food marker pens,
    right. Add mini marshmallows, confetti sprinkles, icing gel and lollipops sticks,
    and you're ready to create a sweet attack of the zombies treat.
  • Zombie cake pops
  • Zombie fingers: Zombie fingers candy (a tutorial is available at CraftySuzanne).
    Tiny menu cards will add to your theme.

  • Zombie Greens: Green Zombie foods for the party should include green candies,
    popcorn, and snacks. Get loads of ideas for zombie green party foods.

  • Zombie Grave Dirt Dessert: The recipe for Zombie Gravedirt starts with crushed
    Oreos or chocolate sandwich cookie "dirt" to cover chocolate pudding. Then add
    a gummy Earthworm, left, so that it sticks out and droops over the glass.

  • Zombie Cupcakes cookbook by Zilly Rosen

  • A Zombie Ate My Cupcake Cookbook: Packed with 25 deliciously wiered cupcake
    recipes. These killer cupcakes taste bloody good! Try the Shattered Glass"
    cupcake recipe made with "glass" sugar or the fondant bleeding heart zombie

  • Zombie Juice Water: prop the Zombie Juice Water Bottle, right, next to your
    green punch or Gatorade. The birthday kid will enjoy the comical water bottle
    long after the party is over.

Warning: please do not feed the zombies! Feed the kids (and please see the Zombie
warning poster, lower left).

Zombie party games
The undead can party like a zombie and here are some activities to ensure your party
is not, well, "dead." Have fun zombie style with these games:

  • Zombie Bowling: Knock over zombie-pins without knocking down the king-pin
    with the set of 10 handcrafted wooden miniature bowling pins, pictured above
    right. NOTE: Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

  • Oh no Zombies! In this game, players, trapped in the middle of nowhere inside a
    rundown shack, find themselves surrounded by zombies! Cell phones don't get
    reception and the land lines just emit a constant busy signal.The only hope for
    survival is to find a battery for the CB radio and a shotgun to help survive the
    trip back. Easy to play, each game can last 10 to 30 minutes. See game, right.

Zombie Party favors

  • Bag O Zombies: This poly bag contains 100 plastic undead zombies to divvy up
    for the goody bags. Or use them as decoration for the buffet table. They are
    extra zombies for the Zombies game. Certainly they will add conversation and
    interactive play to your party.

  • More Zombie inspired party favors and novelties:
  • Zombie Rubber ducks
  • Zombies gum
  • Candy bones
  • Brain flavored Zombie Mints

More Zombie party supplies
Your guests won't believe where you found all this crazy stuff, because they just don't
stock it at the local party supply:

  • Zombie party plates are essential for your party. Keep your party simple with
    disposable plates and napkins. Below you'll find "Let's Paint the Town Dead"
    party plates and "I love zombies" party napkins to give your party that official
    zombie look. Choose clear plastic cups for the glasses and give them the
    zombie treatment: line them with drips of blood (red icing gel). The kids will go

Real Zombie parties
If you're among the undead and are planning a kids party, then we'd love to hear
from you. Would you consider hosting a zombie birthday or zombie Halloween bash?
Perhaps these party ideas will give you the inspiration you need:

  • Zombie candy party: If your party is going to serve wickedly disgusting party
    treats just for the fun of it, then head to the Hostess with the Mostess for free
    zombie candy label party printables. Irresistable labels include shrunken heads,
    bone dust, zombie brains and the typical Eye of Newt perfect for your
    Halloween party. Ideal for your color printer, they ready for you in zombie green.

Tell us why you've decided to host a zombie party and please share party ideas by visiting
us on Twitter.
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