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Zoo Party
Create a Vintage Zoo themed birthday

Invite the crew to party at the zoo. Your little party animal is having a birthday bash
and a zoo celebration is just the ticket.  We have ideas out the wha-zoo, what with all
the zoo party plates, zoo party favors and ideas for invitations, and all! Here's how to
have a zoo-riffic time planning a zoo party whether it's at home or at the zoo...

  • Make it an animal parade! Left, the animal cupcake picks will give your party a
    vintage charm. With hints of yesteryear, you'll transport adults at the party to
    their own childhood memories of going to the zoo. Look for the matching zoo
    party plates and centerpiece decorations, above. You'll find the invitations and
    thank you cards, above right. Add old time circus peanuts to brighten the look.
    They'll coordinate perfectly and add visual flavor to your celebration. You might
    even brown paper bag circus peanuts make portable treats or favors. Or spread
    them on the table like confetti for little fingers to grab this classic treat.

  • Get out your khakis. Dress the whole family in khaki clothing to look like the zoo-
    keepers. Or turn the guests into zoo keepers by providing them with a pith party
    hat. Use extra plastic pith helmets for serving chips and snack mixes. If your
    party has a safari feel, then look to our Safari party ideas.

  • Make a mini zoo: Cage your stuffed animals or inflatable zoo animals you find
    online. Cut sides from cardboard boxes for large animals and shoe boxes for the
    smaller ones, paint them colorfully with spray paint, then use yarn or straws to
    fashion bars. Make signs, such as: "Zoo" with arrows to direct party goers,
    "Welcome to Zoo-York!" and "Don't feed the animals." Involve your child in the
    handy work and she will take special pride at the party showing her guests. Use
    sponges or paint chalk to create animal foot prints to lead to the party entrance.
    Bamboozle them! Craft Bamboo shoots for your stuffed panda bear.

Zoo party decorations

  • Pick a favorite zoo animal to map out the adventure. If lions are king with your little
    one, then concentrate the party decor on lions up the "Wa-zoo"! Buy lion
    themed toys, gifts and decorations. Serve lion inspired cookies, cakes, and
    appetizers. Go on a lion safari hunt for toys. It will surely be a roaring success!

  • Bring the zoo home: Stuff a Zoo brings the fun home with a stuffing activity and
    party kit. They have just about everything you need at Stuff a Zoo with free
    coloring pages and more. Just add cake.

  • Get that monkey off your back! It's time to unleash your inner creativity to create
    a zoo themed party that she'll remember for years to come. Pick a few of her
    favorite animals, or stick to one and have a monkey themed party instead.

Zoo Party Invitations
You'll get a stamp of approval when you involve your child in stamping the invitations,
envelopes and thank you cards in preparation for the zoo party. The Melissa and Doug
Baby Zoo Animals set, pictured left, is a quality sest under ten bucks that includes an
ink pad and eight animals. It will provide hours of fun long after the party is over. Make
labels for drinks and snacks(Penguin punch, Elephant Ale, Koala Crunch, etc.) Stamp
kids as they enter or exit the party, too.

  • Zoo party invitations and wording ideas:
  • Lions and zebras and monkeys to see, we can't believe our Nicole is three!
  • We'll serve lunch and cake, (at the zoo, for heaven's sake!)
  • Zoo hours: Saturday, August 22 at 11 a.m.
  • RSVP: Zoo Keeper Jane at 867-5309

    * Variations:
  • Monkey see and monkey do, join us for a birthday at the zoo!
  • Zebras and zany zoo fun... Our little monkey is turning one!
  • A celebration with lots to do. Did we mention that Mike is two?
  • Let's go where Hippos float and lions roar. Our little Tiffany is four!
  • Lions and chimps, hear them live. Perhaps you've guessed that Jack
    is five!
  • Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! It's a party for our little guy!

Zoo Birthday Treats

  • Birthday cake: Lions and tigers and monkeys, oh my! You'll feel like King of the
    Jungle when you bake Betty Crocker's Zoo Animal cupcakes.

  • An elephant never forgets (and neither does mom). The great thing about the
    elephant cake, left, by Wilton is that it uses a ladybug pan, so you can have a
    bug party or ladybug party next year! So remember that when planning your
    party for next year.

  • Get a roar of approval: Your little lion king will enjoy getting ready for his big day
    by helping you make a lion bagel.

  • Cage your Animal Crackers: Frost a honey graham cracker square with a thin
    smooth layer, and arrange a zoo animal cracker on top of that. For the finishing
    touch, cut licorice laces and layer on top to create a mini zoo cage.

  • Impress party goers with finds from the Euro Mart: Nestle's Lion bar from England,
    Kinder Happy Hippo Cocoa cookies, and Slather's alligator gummies. Locally,
    you'll find gummy bears in small packs, or Tiger's Milk candy bars. Lion's and
    tigers and bears, oh my! You're sure to find treats to feed the hungry hippos.
    Here are some fun zoo animal finds (they won't be able to keep their paws off

Zoo Party Games and Activities
If your party is at the zoo, you don't need much in the way of games. Otherwise, here
are some ideas to bring some zip to a zoo at home:

  • Animal Charades: Have party goers imitate their favorite zoo animal and the
    others cheer on until they can guess the animal. Start by showing kids your
    giraffe: put your hand in the air and make a giraffe head nibbling the trees with
    your hand. Alternatively, have party goers make animal sounds and have the
    others guess.

  • Party Animals Game: Pin the name of a zoo animal on each child's back for a
    guessing game. Enlist the adults at the party to answer "Yes" or "No" to
    questions the children may have about which animal is on their back. Supply
    enough prizes for everyone, but make them different and wrap them in animal
    wrapping paper if possible. Award selection of prizes as each child as he or she
    guesses the correct animal.

  • Zoo-keeper memory Game: Find pairs of plastic zoo animals, (Noah's Ark toys),
    which you can later divvy up into the favor bags and shuffle them under Dixie
    cups. Provide kids with alternating turns at a game of memory. Lift two cups at a
    time until there is a match.

  • Craft a zoo-riffic puppet show. Create Zoo puppets, as with the lacing project,
    right. Then have a puppet show. This activity doubles as a favor maker.

  • Read "If I Ran the Zoo" by Dr. Seuss: The good Dr. Seuss will enlighten
    youngsters with imaginative animals such as Bippo-no-Bungus and an Elephant-
    Cat.  Followed the book with "Put Me in the Zoo" by Robert Lopshire. This classic
    Cat In The Hat I Can Read Book, first introduced in 1960, will have you getting
    ready for your next event: a circus party! Buy it used on Amazon for under $2.50.

Resources for your Zoo Party:
Is your child a party animal? Search ideas now for a party theme within a zoo theme:

  • Plus we have more ideas in for an Outback party filled with kangaroos and
    koalas, and you can go deep into our jungle party and safari party ideas.

Real Zoo Parties
We love kids parties! Tell us about your real zoo party and share party ideas with us
on Twitter. We'd love to share pictures of your zoo party. See also our
jungle parties.
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