airplane birthday party
Airplane birthday party
Fly high with an airplane themed party for kids

As kids parties go, an airplane party is just "plane" awesome whether it's for a child's
first birthday or tenth! You're cleared for take off with this party idea. So extend your
arms and fasten your seat-belts. An airplane birthday party can take flight for just a
few bucks.

An airplane party is fun for a first birthday, but an older child will enjoy it too. His head
will be in the clouds when he sees the airplane decorations and fun you've planned.
From the cake to the candy, the games, invitations and the favors, you'll enjoy hosting
an airplane party.

Turn your home into an airport for the party
Kids parties at home are easy on the budget and it's easier than you think to turn your
home into an airport! Here's how to host an airplane party at home:

  • Red barron red and cloudy sky blue: Stick to a color palette of barron red and
    cloudy sky blue. You'll have fun with red and white hard candy, adn blue and
    white puffy candy.

  • Pack your suitcases. Your airplane adventure starts with the birthday kid and
    friends boarding the plane with suitcases.

  • Provide a boarding pass to guests. Take off for the fun can officially begin when all
    the guests board the plane, but they need a ticket to ride. Your "ticket" can be
    the invitation for your party, which looks like a passport or a boarding pass.
    ETSY is just the ticket for securing party perfect boarding pass invitations,
    decorations as well as airplane party favors and party supplies. Many ETSY
    sellers offer digital products, so that with your color printer you can print exactly
    what you need for your airplane party. It will save money and really impress
    guests. Soon you'll be planning all your kids parties at ETSY.

  • That's the ticket to a great kids party. Next, have a ticket counter to welcome
    guests to your party. Check kids boarding pass and baggage (gifts for the
    birthday kid). You can direct kids and their parents through the terminal of your
    house with signs to match your airplane theme. For example, direct party goers
    to "Gate Five" (or whatever the birthday kid's age), and make signs for the
    bathrooms and airport restaurants for refreshments. The entrance of your party
    should have an "Arrivals" sign  upon entry and a "Departures" sign on exit.

  • Have everyone board the plane. Arrange chairs for your party, airplane style with
    an aisle and a cockpit. Affix barf bags to the back of each chair with toy surprises
    for guests to discover (for example, pilot glasses, a squirt airplane toy or glider).
    Kids parties are ideal for family involvement. Mom or Dad can use a megaphone
    as a loudspeaker to announce, "This is Captain Daddy, and we're glad to have
    you on this birthday flight. We'll be flying five miles above ground and slowing
    down to 500 hundred miles an hour. My co-pilot, Tyler, would like to welcome
    you to his party." Go on to explain the exits to the backyard fun.

  • Serve an "in flight" meal and movie. For just $4 on Amazon, you can load up
    "Airplanes" a video on demand movie. Another good DVD option is "Cleared for
    Takeoff," left. As kids are watching the movie, have a "flight attendant" sibling
    provide airline snacks, such as a bag of peanuts, chips or pretzels. The flight
    attendant can bring party goers drinks using a teacart. You can offer a sit down
    meal at your final destination. If you don't want to watch a DVD or if you want to
    add to the airplane ride, you can invite kids one by one to the "cockpit" to play
    computer games. Kids can play the Nintendo Wii Wing Island game, right, for
    example. Kids waiting to play the computer game can color airplane scenes
    coloring pages there are lots of free airplane coloring pages online.

  • Complete the airplane experience with a baggage claim area upon departure for
    the favors! You might create little suitcases filled with goodies. Be sure to
    include a luggage tag. (See more favor ideas below.)

Airplanes crafts and activities for the party
Now, it wouldn't be an airplane party without folding paper airplanes, and taking a few
gliders for a first flight. Here are some airplane crafts to consider for the party:

  • A favor on the fly. Make candy airplane favors with one or two pieces of wrapped
    stick gum for the wings, a candy, such as Haribo Roulettes gummy candy for the
    body with propeller and tail, plus two unwrapped Lifesaver candies for the
    wheels. It's super easy to tie the wings with a rubber band. For a twins birthday
    party, be sure to use DoubleMint gum for the wings!

  • Propeller pops and candy cloud airplanes. Peek a real plane party to see some
    delicious candy cargo, including propeller pops (marshmallows on a stick dipped
    in candy melts and adorned with chocolate propellers). More masterfully created
    aviation confections tops with us included using cotton candy as a cloud for an
    airplane toy or cookie treat, presented at baggage claims of course.

  • Send the kids to airplane university! The Ten Paper Airplanes Web site gives easy
    and animated instructions on how to  make paper airplanes. Our favorite is the
    auto-gyro Spinster paper airplane. It's "spin-sational," though it has a short
    flight plan. Foam flyers and gliders are fun too. The red foam flyer, left,  would
    make an unusual craft activity. Kids build a red and white biplane that's three
    dimensional. Let their imaginations soar as they pretend to be pilots or the Red
    Baron himself.

  • Wing Island Wii. Take off for a safe adventure with Wing Island, pictured right.

  • Just plane fun. Make origami airplanes from dollar bills. The birthday boy can
    help. When you start with colorful papers, the airplanes just look better. Fold N
    Fly is an easy activity for just about any kid, right.

Airplane Party Supplies: Favors
Pack your bags! Packing the party favor bags for a kids party can be one of the most
satisfying parts of party planning. As kids parties go, favors are important, and the
little jet setters will love the creative favor bags you create for an airplane party
whether you make your own or assemble a little luggage bag of goodies.

Here are some ideas that will send you soaring:

  • Wing pins! During the party, ask kids if this is their first flight party. Undoubtedly
    the answer is yes, in which case you can hand out wings to the kids. The kids
    will love them, and you'll earn your wings, too.

  • Plainly obvious. You may find a few airplane party favors at the local party supply
    store, such as airplane squirt toys or gliders, but for the really fun stuff search
    online. Here are some unusual party favors available online.

  • Airplane Whizzers pictured at the bottom of the page, are a sort of whistle.
  • Airplane suckers, pictured at the top of the page, will have them flying
    high with excitement.
  • Airplane gummies, pictured above, will make an superb in-flight treat.
  • Inflatable airplanes, pictured at the bottom of the age.
  • Twist pops look like propellers!

Menu ideas for an airplane party
For kids parties, food is half the fun and these are some first class ideas:

  • Fly high on Amazon! Search Amazon for airplane cookie cutters, cake pans and
    cupcake toppers for your airplane party because you just won't find these at the
    local party supply. Bake airplane muffins with the amazing Airplane Link Pan,
    pictured right. Use them to make airplane shaped cupcakes, too.  Cover the little
    cakes with Wilton candy melts to make a memorable, moist cupcake cake
    surprise. They are ideal to make large Madeleine cookies as well. Frost an
    airplane shaped cake easily using the airplane cake pan, left. Cut cookies and
    sandwiches from airplane shaped cookie cutters.

  • Float on cloud nine. Your cakes and cupcakes can float on cloud nine when you
    make blue frosting and clouds. This airplane cupcake tower is just plane
    awesome. You can also make fluffy clouds from cotton candy.

  • Boxed lunch. Your airplane party can take flight with Martha Stewart's
    personalized mini-boxed lunches. Have a "flight attendant" serve these lunches
    down the aisle with a tea cart. A boxed lunch never looked so good!

More fun ideas for an airplane party

  • Send kids imaginations soaring with trivia. Extend the party theme with snoopy as
    the Red Barron, and other famous aviators, including Joe Foss (United States
    Marine Corps 1940s fighter ace), Amelia Earhart (who soared into our hearts as
    an aviation pioneer). You can print pages from the Internet to entertain the
    adults. Here are some aviation fun facts for kids. Kids parties can also be
    educational, you know!

  • Become a model citizen! Model airplanes will look terrific on your table runway,
    and there are so many fun models to build.

Invitations for an airplane party
As kids parties go, most invitations are pretty hum drum, but you can really have fun
designing invitations for an airplane party! Think home made to make luggage tags,
paper airplanes, and boarding pass invitations. Here are several more ideas to get you
flying high with this and unusual birthday theme for kids:

  • Don't bypass this biplane idea: Turn this airplane bookmark into an invitation. It's
    an airplane with a trailing message, and perfect for the birthday boy or girl. It
    comes with a printable template, but you could also use an airplane cookie
    cutter as a stencil an airplane.

  • Get on board with the fun. Clip a boarding pass to your invitation with the
    airplane paper clips, left. Here's a free airline boarding pass template, intended
    for weddings, but you can modify it for a birthday party for girls and make the
    destination a tropical paradise.

  • "Hanger" round ETSY. Here are more airplane invitations to enjoy on -
    the place to look for kids parties when it comes to handmade.

Resources for your Airplane party
Kids parties are fun to plan and even more fun when you can see some real kids
parties in action. Look at these kids parties:

  • Peek a professional planner's party! Prepare for takeoff with inspiration from a
    professional event designer, Amy Atlas, who planned a Ready for Takeoff party
    for her son in terrific shades of orange. She turned the table into a runway,
    covered juice boxes. Atlas has a compass to kids parties!

  • Get boxed in! Kids will enjoy the cheap thrill of a ride in an airplane box, pictured
    right. Make this costume craft project from scratch thanks to instructions
    provided by Family Fun. It will take around 2-3 hours to make.

  • Go fly a kite! You'll find a number of fun airplane kites and you may even extend
    your theme to a kite party! See the Red Baron Kite Airplane (boys will love it).

  • Planning a model airplane party? Then you've got to see the Model Plane Party kit
    from Posh Party.

Organizing children's birthday parties can seem overwhelming, but once you start
planning the little touches, like setting up a baggage claim and making suit case
favors, or creating clouds from tissue paper, you'll be relieved and you'll start having
fun. In short, your imagination can really take flight with a plane party!

Real Airplane Parties...
And now for "Dee plane! Dee plane!" ... dee real airplane parties! Your imagination for
party planning will take off when you see other moms who have created real airplane
parties for their kids. Here are the ones that are top guns with us:

  • Consult an Atlas! Get ready for takeoff with Amy Atlas (an event planner who
    created a party for her own son). This amazing real party featured an airplane
    birthday cake that was suspended from the ceiling! Yes she has cake couture
    style, but her sweet airplane cupcakes were as amazing as her airplane cookies.
    It was runway perfect!

  • Friendly skies party: You'll fly high seeing this Australian Airplane birthday! Little
    Levi turned 2 and his friends and family enjoyed confections and fun that put
    them high in the clouds. Known in Australia as an "aeroplane party," Levi's party
    had a sweet color scheme of baby blues and oranges. There was yummy looking
    blue bark and an array of "blue Jelly slices" along with mesmerizing puffy cloud
    cookies on stick.

If this is your first flight in planning a party, bookmark this page. We hope you consider
us your co-pilot for party planning for years to come!

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