Backwards Bash
How to have a topsy turvy, upside down and backwards

Thank "dog" you don't need to be dyslexic to have a backwards party! However, a
backwards birthday bash does require imagination. As party goers arrive, you get to
say "Goodbye and thanks for coming," hand them their favor, then walk backwards,
Michael Jackson style.

Backwards party is also ideal for a
slumber party (since they'll proably go to bed in the
morning anyway). But if it's a birthday, the birthday kid will especially enjoy opening
the gifts before the cards. And everyone can show their creativity in dressing
backwards. The best part about a backwards birthday party is that it's easy on the

Go ahead: eat the
backwards cake before lunch, and while you're at it, eat under the
table. Anything goes. Here's how to have a topsy-turvy time in a birthday bash they
won't soon forget:

  • Start your invitations out right with the Backwards font. You might include a
    small camping mirror for boys or a compact favor mirror for girls. Also, be sure to
    download the fonts, then type a message and present a printed version of the
    note to the baker decorating the backwards cake.

  • Turn the room upside down. Start with balloons: save on helium and simply hang
    them from the ceiling. Now get really wild and turn lamps, chairs, and pictures
    upside down. This is a Danish tradition normally associated with weddings
    where by the bride and groom find a mess of their bedroom chamber when
    family and friends turn everything upside down.

  • Go backwards in time! Put up a poster of pictures in reverse order from birth
    until present day.

  • Give them an "Eman" (a backwards name). Spell Tom backwards on a name tag
    and he becomes Mot, but Bob will still be "Bob."

  • Flip out! Have kids flip their clothing inside and out and backwards, if they didn't
    already dress that way. Overalls and hooded shirts look especially good

Backwards, upside down and topsy turvy food ideas
For a backwards party, kids get to eat cake and ice cream first. Then they eat their
lunch and appetizers. To serve the cake, count backwards 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
before singing "Birthday Happy to you." Not every kid loves a Pineapple upside down
cake, so turn your favorite cake upside down or simply write a birthday message
backwards using the chart, upper left hand of this page.

  • Serve hot dogs split lengthwise in half so that the meat can sandwich the bun
    and the bread is inside.

  • Serve Seven Down: Turn a soda can upside down, pierce it with a can opener
    and serve with a straw. This idea is particularly funny with a 7-up.

More fun ideas for a backwards party:

  • Make sure everyone walks backwards.

  • When opening gifts, have the birthday kid say "You're welcome" instead of the
    usual "Thank you."

  • Start them thinking: Dog is god spelled backwards, but racecar is still racecar
    spelled backwards.

  • Spell it backwards: Put up a sign that reads "yadhtriB yppaH"!

Invitation ideas for a backwards party
Working backwards, you may be tempted to send out thank you cards first instead of
invitations, but your guests may be confused and even feel hurt if they don't
accurately read the card thinking they've been bypassed on a fun party. Resist the
temptation, but have fun with these invitation and thank you card ideas.

Resources for a Backwards Birthday

  • If you like this party idea, be sure to see the half birthday party page, too.
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