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Bee Party
How to have a sweet honey bee theme birthday party for kids

Your little honey deserves a bumble bee party. It's the party that was meant to bee!
Here's how to throw a shindig that won't sting your budget, but that that's sure to be
all the buzz with friends and family:

  • Make your own invitations from a picture of your child in a bumble bee costume.
    Make confetti from a bumble bee paper punch.

  • Bumble Bee Invitations and wording ideas:
  • Sweet as can BEE, our little Amy is turning THREE.*
  • Buzz to sing Hap-BEE Birthday Saturday, August 22 at noon
  • BEE there August 22, at noon! We'll have an un-BEE-lievably good time.
  • Beehive: 123 main street
  • R.S.V.P. Queen Bee Beverly or Bee Keeper Bob

    * Variations:
  • It's time to BEE-have. It's time to have fun. Our little Bobby is turning one!
  • Time just flew and we can't BEE-lieve Max is two!
  • It was meant to bee, that you join us: Savanna is three!
  • It's BEE-day time, so come through our door, Janie is turning four!

Setting the scene:
You may well find bumble bee party plates, bee-loons and other fun bee decorations,
but a setting in solid black and yellow just as effectively conveys your theme. A few
well placed accessories and crepe paper is all you need:

  • Do it yourself bumble bee decorations: Turn black and yellow plates into bumble
    bee plates for the party by gluing pompoms to pipe cleaners, then affixing them
    to the back of each plate with tape. It's super cute and affordable. Make your
    own headbands out of pipe cleaners and pompoms, too.

  • Bumble Bee pinata: A bumble bee pinata lower right, is a must have and also
    available easily online. Fill it with black and yellow favors.

  • Bee centerpiece: For flowers, insert a bumble bee wand with a bouquet of
    sunflowers or daisies. You may also try a honey bee antenna ball topper on a
    stick and mix it with a bright arrangement. If you have a clear vase, insert
    lemons into the vase as decoration. Another bee centerpiece idea is to pile
    lemons in a compote dish and arrange a bumble bee decoration, to perch on the
    neatly ararnged pile.

  • Decorate the birthday kid in bumble bee yellow and black. Costumes are
    decorations and help convey your theme, so get creative and layer in stripes of
    black and gold from head to toe. Mom could wear a beehive hair-do and some
    fun shoes and stockings. Dad can wear a yellow shirt with black pants. Even
    Fido can wear antennae. Available year round online, you can save the
    costumes for Halloween.

  • Bumble Bee Balloons: do it yourself with a happy combination with ordinary black
    and yellow latex balloons. You can create a bumble bee balloon with two
    strands of crepe paper affixed to a yellow balloon. Draw big eyes and leave the
    tied end as the stinger.

Bumble Bee Cakes and Cookies
Making a bee hive cake is easy with the Nordic Ware Platinum Collection Beehive Cake
Pan, pictured right. But you can just as easily stack layers like a wedding cake to
create a bee-hive effect, then frost with yellow icing and decorate with Martha
Marzipan Bumble Bees. The marzipan bees also make easy cup cake
toppers. Try the
bumble bee cupcake picks or the bee-mine cupcake rings for the
easiest cupcakes.

Party Foods that are sweet as can BEE:
It wouldn't BEE a party without some party sweets. Keep with your theme by laying
out clusters of candy in your theme colors. Try black licorice twists, lemon drops, salt
water taffy in licorice swirls, banana and lemon flavors, Licorice Allsorts, and of course
jelly beans in yellow and black! Here are more ideas to keep your party bee-ish:t

  • Royal jelly sandwiches! What kid doesn't like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?
    Give a new name to a classic sandwich.

  • Bee-have differently with cookie cutters! Instead of using your bee shaped cutter
    just for the cookies, try cutting biscuits, sandwiches, cheeses, Jello, or fondant
    with cookie cutters.

  • Look for Nabisco Honey Maid Bees. These adorable cookies are shaped like little
    bumble bees. Find them at the supermarket or buy online. The mix well into
    party snack mixes with cereals such as Honey Nut Cheerios or Honey Combs.  
    Try also the Honey Comb banana split.

  • Make a buzz with Pretzel Bees. Bake Wilton yellow candies into the center of a
    pretzel to create a body just a couple of minutes (the rest of the pretzel will
    become the wings). When your creation hardens, accent with Wilton black
    sparkle gel for the stripes. It's cute as can bee!

  • Honey bottles. Serve lemonade in condiment squeeze bottles as the drink
    containers (they look like honey bottles). Buy online at Amazon. You can affix
    bumble bee stickers to punch up the look. Or buy the bottles intended for
    mustard and add black stripes with a Sharpie. This idea is not appropriate for
    children under three as the tiny plastic on the squeeze top is a choking hazard.

  • Serve burgers with Bee-bee-cue sauce. Remove the label from your favorite
    barbecue sauce and print your own Bee-bee-cue sauce labels.

  • Honey sticks. These fun straws are intended for coffee and teas, but kids can't
    resist the assorted flavors. Honey Stix brand, left, are a very popular choice.
    They're so yummy that you'll be glad you got a six pack.

No one said it would BEE easy to find favors.
For the favor box, stick to solids, stripes, polka dots or gingham, pictured left in black
or yellow. Stick a simple bee sticker on the outside or affix a bee shape from the cookie
cutter you've purchased. Flowers on the box are also a fun idea. Pick bright and happy
sunflower shapes.

You'll be a busy bee finding party favors with bees on them. A few will do, then stick to
a color scheme of black, and yellow candies and toys. Here are some hard to find favor
ideas with bees:
  • Bit-O-honey candy
  • Bumble Bee tattoos
  • Bumble Bee stickers
  • bumble bee pops
  • bumble Bee Milk chocolates

Bumble Bee Party Crafts and Activities
You must have the bumble bee pinata, pictured right. Stuff it with Bit-O-Honey candy
chews and Honey Queen Bees, assorted, filled hard candy right. The fruit and honey
flavored filled hard candies look like little bee hives.

Here's are some other games and crafts keep them busy bees:  

Real Bee Parties...
Where do we get our fun party ideas? Well, that's none of your beeswax! But honey, if
you want to know the latest buzz with kids parties, and if you're a busy bee, like us,
be sure to check out  blogs from our favorites, moms who have created real bumble
bee parties for their kids:

  • This one is all the buzz. This Bumble Bee Bash for lucky Mackenzie in bright and
    happy shades of lemon and honey is simply bee-autiful! It is "Bee-yond
    adorable: according to one of her fans in comments, and we agree!

  • Cute as can Bee. Your little honey bun will love this Honey Bee Party and all the
    fun party ideas at the birdsparty blog.

  • Oh Bay-bee! Ready for one more? Honey, you've got to see this adorable baby
    shower entitled the Honey Bee Reveal.

Tell us about your bee party and share party ideas with us on Twitter. We give a buzz about
party planning blogs!  
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