Butterfly Party
How to have a Blue Morpho butterfly themed birthday party

The days will flutter by before you realize that her birthday is here, so get an early
start in planning a beautiful butterfly party. With our party guide as inspiration, your
party is sure to transform her imagination.

  • Feeling blue? Make a metamorphosis and host a Blue Morpho butterfly themed
    party. Your party will get a lift from blue tissue pom-pom decorations upper
    right hand corner, which coordinate beautifully with the butterfly plates and
    napkins also pictured on the page.

  • Release the butterflies. Winging it for this party is easy! Your daughter will take
    flight in the adorable winged butterfly winged costume, right. And naturally,
    butterfly balloons should abound your party space, so release some space for
    them. See the variety of butterfly shaped balloons on this page.

  • Consider some not-so-cookie-cutter ideas: The sweet butterfly cookie cutter,
    pictured left will help you shape lovely butterflies for decoration, invitations
    and thank you cards. Just trace with a pencil on pretty papers and cut. Here's
    what you can do with them:

  • Do it yourself butterfly balloons: Buy ordinary helium balloons and rub a
    static cling to butterfly cutouts made from tissue paper. It looks as
    though they rest on the balloon.
  • Get crafty with pretty papers: Cut pretty papers to craft butterfly shaped
    coasters, table confetti or to create a garland.
  • Butterfly-shaped foods: Bake our big batch sugar cookies or make
    butterfly shaped sandwiches from the easy grip butterfly cookie cutters,
    plus cut fondant, cheeses, pie crust designs and more.

  • Slip these lovely sippers on drinks. Garnish drinks with Martha Stewart's easy
    to make butterfly straws. Slip these gorgeous paper butterflies onto straws
    with pretty papers to match your theme.
  • Watch them grow, then let them go! Grow your own butterflies with the Live
    Butterfly garden, bottom right.

  • Send her heart soaring with inflatable butterflies. Better than balloons,  this
    beauty, pictured right, is 27 inches and is oh so huggable. It will inflate the
    fantasy and they're available only online.

Butterfly party decorations
A butterfly theme party lends itself to a garden setting. She'll float like a butterfly
and the your budget won't sting like a bee, when incorporate these simple and
affordable ideas into your party:

  • Create a garden oasis inside. Think pink lemonade with lime wedges, and pink
    Gerber Daisies, paired with solid plates on a grass mat, like the one right,
    available online. Scatter plastic butterflies like confetti on the tables and affix
    nylon butterflies to the chairs and you have a beautiful garden setting. For
    the basic look, visit Butterflycraze.com.

  • Get the blues. Blue Morpho butterflies provide an unexpected look for a
    butterfly party. Think powder blue nylon butterflies, blue plates, and confetti
    glitter with black accents, such as with the flatware. The Blue Morpho Butterfly
    replica, left, measures 5 inches long, 1.25 inches high. You can affix it to a
    stick to make a pretty butterfly wand. And we found the perfect party dress,
    left, to match a Blue Morpho Butterfly theme, which would look terrific with the
    blue butterfly eye wear.

  • Pattern after nature. Of course, Monarch butterflies provide a striking display
    with orange and black as a contrast. For the tables, start with a bright orange
    tablecloth, then layer the look with black tulle crinkled on top. Next, sprinkle
    orange jelly beans like confetti on the tables and scatter black licorice for the
    antennae. The pretty 12-piece Casual Melamine Dinnerware set, right, is
    under twenty bucks, and will serve your Halloween needs for years to come.

  • Butterfly Birthday invitations and party wording ideas:
  • Hailey's Birthday is Fluttering By
  • (Our little bug is turning three)
  • Join us for the metamorphosis: Saturday, August 22 at 2:00 p.m.
  • Garden at: 123 main street
  • RSVP: Madame Butterfly (Brenda) at 867-5309

Butterfly party foods, cakes and cookies

  • Wilton's butterfly cake pan, upper left, is a classic. For a look enjoyed by
    children and adults alike, try the Butterfly mold, left. Ultra versatile, use it to
    make elegant tea sandwiches, cheesecake, pie, ice cream sandwiches,
    cookies and more.

  • This rings true: butterfly cupcake rings are tops with kids and will fly onto their
    little fingers quickly after licking the icing. The whimsical butterfly wing rings,
    right, are a nice garden variety that will have their hearts aflutter. Pair the
    rings with butterfly shaped cake sprinkles, pictured left.

  • Kids go crackers for butterfly crackers! Try Golden Butter Crackers by
    Pepperidge Farm, because they are shaped like butterflies, and kids love

  • B-day pasta: Serve bow-tie pasta because it's butterfly shaped. Keep the
    butterfly-day pasta simple: kids prefer butter with Parmesan cheese sprinkles,
    or mac and cheese. Both are less messy than spaghetti.

  • Butterfly pizza! Buy small pizzas instead of large ones. Serve each child two
    pizza triangles at opposing ends and place a fat breadstick in the middle for
    the body. Fashion antennae from carrot sticks or pretzels.

  • Dreamy Pretzel chocolate sticks: Wilton's Butterfly Pretzel Mold helps you make
    festive treats to serve party goers. Wrap them in cellophane with a pretty
    bow and you've got a delectable and impressive favor you make yourself.

  • Easy Caramel pretzel butterflies: Unwrap a caramel and roll it into a slightly oval
    shaped ball. Make wings with two twisted pretzels (one on each side of the
    caramel). Next, place two stick pretzels for antennae.

  • Large butterfly cookie cutters: Wilton's butterfly cookie cutter is extra large and
    has grips to make cutting dough easy. Our recipe for cookie success is the Big
    Batch Sugar cookies. Use the cutters to make sandwiches, biscuits, and more.
    As a stencil, the cutters can help decorate your party:

  • Coast along with butterfly shaped coasters for drinks using the cookie
    cutters and pretty scrapbook papers. Pair the look with Good
    Housekeeping's butterfly straws: a craft you can make with the same

  • Mobilize your creativity further with a canopy of paper butterflies. Again,
    stencil butterflies onto patterns of paper and cut them out. Thread one
    two or three on the fishing line, then sandwich a different patterned
    paper butterfly together with tape and hang the mobile of butterflies
    from the ceiling.

  • Make a mouth-licking metamorphosis of old fashioned swirled stick
    candy by transforming them into whimsical butterfly wands. Adorn a
    paper butterfly with glitter and sequins. Add pipe cleaner antennae and
    affix the butterflies to candy sticks.

Butterfly themed Games and activities

  • Butterfly beads: The kids will love crafting bracelets and necklaces with the
    butterfly craft beads, right.

  • Butterfly tattoos: Set out a tattoo station and have everyone decorate their
    arms with Butterfly Glitter tattoos. With young children, it's best to avoid
    tattoos on the face. Remind parents that they can easily remove the tattoos
    with a bit of rubbing alcohol.

  • Butterfly bubbles: Butterfly bubble blowing is easy enough, just set out the
    butterfly bubbles, pictured left. These make ideal party favors, too.

  • Make a metamorphosis of the cake: Read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric
    Carle, just before serving the cake. It's a great way to quiet the little bugs.
    (This classic book is also available as a Pop-Up Book and as a game, pictured
    lower right.)

Resources for a Butterfly party

Real Butterfly Parties...
Don't get fluttered with party planning. Check out  blogs from our favorite butterfly
parties from moms who have created real parties for their kids:

  • The bold and the butterfly: This bright and bold butterfly party in hot pinks and
    yellow is a stunning color combination. You'll find an array of cute kids party
    themes to select from Blissful Nest Studio, an ETSY store.

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