Candy cane treats for the holidays: Add the light and airy candy cane meringues, left,
to your holiday favorite list. Billowy do-it -yourself
candy cane marshmallows from Martha
Stewart, top center, will send the sugar plum fairies dancing. And refreshingly different,
the peppermint buttercream filling in these decadent
chocolate candy cane cookies from
Bonappetit, top right, will leave you with a crush for candy canes.

Candy Canes
Twisted fun with the most beloved holiday treat: candy canes

A candy cane party? Sure! Life is sweet and made sweeter each December with the
peppermint pleasures of candy canes. If you're bent on a candy cane party, then we
have some sweet ideas, including our ten favorite candy cane recipes, ten twisted
things you can do with candy canes, plus candy cane novelties and more.

Here's how to make the most of the holidays with candy canes...

Ten favorite Candy cane recipes
Just about any recipe is tasty when you add candy canes, but we narrowed the list
and checked it twice. Here are the tasty winners:
  1. Sparkly: The easy Peppermint truffles, left, from Wilton will get you rolling on
    your quest for recipes with candy canes.
  2. Fluffy: Angel food cake slathered in whipped cream: this is a candy cane cake to
    remember from Sunset magazine, left.
  3. Billowy: Candy cane marshmallows from, above top center,
    is marbleized perfection! "Good things" indeed to give as gifts this holiday.
  4. Swirly: No fudging here: this is the real deal. Swirly candy cane fudge in white
    chocolate will satisfy your fudge craving with a refreshing peppermint twist.
    Here's another candy cane fudge recipe that starts with your favorite vanilla
  5. Yummy: You'll love making whoopee -- candy cane whoopee pies that is!
  6. Frosty: Get in the pink with these candy cane cupcakes. Or frost ordinary
    cupcakes in red and white and display like a candy cane, right.
  7. Crunchy: Classic Peppermint Bark  from Martha Stewart.
  8. Crispy: You'll forget the icy Winter with a taste of this candy cane meringue with
    chocolate ganache treat. It's candy cane perfection!
  9. Buttery: Make this tasty candy cane treat in short order: candy cane shortbread.
  10. Pretty: And pretty awesome peppermint brownies.

Want more candy cane recipes and iideas?
Woman's Day readers created an
"exhilirating" list of
ten peppermint dessert recipes. Try their frozen peppermint cake,
left,  peppermint fudge brownies, peppermint mouse, peppermint meringues and more!

Ten twisted things to do with candy canes...
So you think candy canes are just for licking? Well we've got some sweet and twisted
ideas of what to do with candy canes. Here are 10 uses for a candy cane:
  1. Crush them: Crush candy canes and use the delectable sugary crystals garnish
    the rim of your holiday glasses and mugs. Or add a few sprinkles on the
    whipped cream of your holiday beverages.
  2. Swizzle them: Let a candy cane swizzle stick melt in your cocoa. Okay, but you
    already thought of that one!
  3. Craft them: Make the classic reindeer candy canes using pipe cleaners for the
    antlers, a red pom-pom for the nose, and wiggle eyes. A candy cane kit is
    available to make it really easy. Try also, candy cane mice or even candy cane
    horses with felt (craft the mane from felt and glue wiggle eyes).
  4. Cover them: Horse around with this idea: make felt horse heads to cover your
    candy canes in fun.
  5. Recycle them: Have too many candy canes? Save them for Valentines Day! Put
    two together to make a heart. Kids will love this idea as much as grandma does.
  6. Make a candy cane reindeer: The candy cane reindeer recipe is sweet, pictured
    bottom of page, is sweet on it's own or in hot chocolate.
  7. Slide some chocolate on them:  You can add a new twist to candy canes when
    you slide a Santa made from chocolate using the Wilton chocolate mold, right.
    Hurry! This item is not available on, but it's available on Amazon.
  8. Sleigh them: Two candy canes and you've got a sled or skis for cookies and
    candies. With help from Wilton, you can make the candy cane sleigh, left. And
    see how this clever blogger created a sled with two candy canes and some
    Popsicle sticks to display a yummy peppermint bar.
  9. Rubber-band them: Make something nice for for teacher, such as a candy cane
    vase. Here's the candy cane vase tutorial from Better Homes & Garden.

Top Ten store bought candy cane candies and treats:
It's time to stock up before the holidays disappear like a peppermint dream. Candy
cane enthusiasts will savor these sweet treats for the holidays and beyond, which
may still be available:
  1. Candy cane pop rocks! Yes, these rock with peppermint, available left, include
    them in your Christmas cards this year.
  2. Candy cane Tootsie Pops. You also may find Tootsie Pop Drops, which are
    peppermint flavored with the traditional chewy Tootsie Roll center.
  3. Candy Cane Kisses feature mint candy with stripes and candy bits.
  4. Candy Cane Jo-Joes from Trader Joes which have no hydrogenated oils. Look
    also for seasonal Oreos.
  5. Candycane Cocoa, right, has real bits of peppermint candy cane in each single
    serve packet.
  6. An aroma of coffee and candy canes: Candy cane coffee.
  7. Candy cane beverage syrup. Torani Peppermint Syrup, left,  is so good you'll want
    the three pack. Here's the recipe for a candy cane mocktail: Start with a splash
    of tonic water, mix 4 oz Cranberry Raspberry Juice,  plus 1/2 oz Grenadine, and
    finally 1/2 oz peppermint syrup. Pour over ice. Garnish with a mini candy cane.
  8. Candy cane Almond Roca by Brown & Haley.
  9. Candy cane peppermint bark squares from Ghiradelli
  10. Candy cane ice cream: Dreyer's Peppermint ice cream.

Candy cane decorations you can make yourself
  • Candy cane straws, pictured top right, are made of paper, yet durable.
  • Wilton's candy cane melts, right, will help you bake delectable holiday treats.
    Versatile, creamy and easy-to-melt wafers are ideal for all of your candy making-
    molding, dipping or coating. Imagine the double pleasure you'll find in using the
    candy melts to dip a real candy cane!
  • Make your own candy cane cupcake stand to display the candy cane cupcakes.
  • Craft a candy cane topiary. Talk about eye candy! This is an ideal accent for a s
    sweet winter wedding.
  • Give yourself a candy cane manicure. The easy candy cane manicure video is a
    complete tutorial -- even a novice can have peppermint on fingers or toes
    through application of this technique.

More Candy Cane Novelties
Candy cane novelties abound, once you start looking for them. Here are more ways to
enjoy candy canes:

  • Give the kids a candy cane bubble bath. Better yet, have Santa stuff your stocking
    with Philosophy Candy Cane bubble bath, left. It's sure to invigorate your
    senses with a crisp peppermint scent.
  • Right candy cane bubbles will be appreciated in the stockings or as a party
  • Candy cane straws, pictured left, will add a holiday sparkle to your beverages.
  • String them along: String wrapped peppermint candies into a garland.
  • Get candy canes year round! Get 500 candy canes delivered right to your door
    (even in Summer), from Candy Cane Crate, right.

Facts about candy canes
Get the facts about candy canes. The truth about candy canes is that they were not
invented in Indiana as lore may have it.  Candy canes have been around for more
than 350 years, and apparently were first created in Germany, according to about.
com.  Candy canes made their first historical appearance at the Cologne Cathedral in
1670. There, the choirmaster at the Cathedral bent candy sticks into Shepard's Staffs,
so part of the lore is true.

Now it's your turn to share your candy cane ideas. Remember, we link to quality sites,
so please
share party ideas with us on Twitter and we'll link up there.
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