Kids Valentines Day Crafts
Sweet crafts for kids, including Valentines Day cards and more
It's time to get crafty for Valentines Day! We've gathered up our favorite Valentines
Day craft ideas that are simple and fun to do with your kids, including kids Valentines
Day cards made with candy and more.

  • Play with your food. Did you know those Valentines Day Conversation hearts
    also work as chalk? Buy the largest size and give it a try on the chalk board.
    Kids will enjoy playing with their candy. It wouldn't be Valentines Day without
    cupcakes, so wee also our cupcake party ideas and crafts.

  • Design a Best friends keepsake box. The perfect place to tuck tiny treasures and
    trinkets, you'll find the "Design Your Own Heart Chest" craft is reasonably
    priced and bundled as a two-pack on Amazon, pictured left. This is a quality
    product and delivers quickly.

  • Feel the need to bead. Valentines Day for kids is about friendship and fun.
    Jewelry making is a super activity for kids to do together, but it's equally fun to
    make a necklace or bracelet for a friend. The wooden friendship beads, pictured
    lower right, is an ideal craft kit and inexpensive project idea.

  • Punch it! Make everything from confetti to greeting cards and scrap book
    projects with the extremely versatile heart punch, pictured left. This craft tool
    will help say "I love you!" for years to come.

  • Bake handmade cookies from the heart. Whip up a batch of sugar cookies using
    our big batch cookie recipe. You'll give a high-five to the easy recipe. The heart-
    hand cookie cutter, right, offers a meaningful cookie shape, and the nesting
    hearts set of cookie cutters will allow you to cut fondant to design cakes or
    bake any size Valentines Day cookies for kids. This cookie cutter is ideal to
    create a Linzer heart sandwich. Just

Valentines Day cards made with candy and props
While the school may object, it is a tradition with kids to exchange sweets and cards
on Valentines Day. Popular classic choices include conversation hearts, and suckers,
such as Tootsie Pops. Here are some funny Valentines Day Card ideas for kids (and  
many of these yummy Valentines Day cards are made with candy!):
  • Tape a small wrapped bubblegum to your Valentine card, such as the classic
    wrapped Dubble Bubble gum, and write: "I CHEWS you, Valentine!"
  • Give a few Valentines day stickers and write: "STICK around, Valentine!"
  • Turn a pencil into cupid's arrow on a heart and write: "You're just WRITE
  • Stitch your Valentines Day card with yarn and write "You're SEW cool,
  • Incorporate a stick of gum into your Valentine card and write: "I STICK with you
  • Include a pack of seeds and write "Our friendship GROWS everyday, Valentine."
  • Get a small ruler, affix a heart and write "You RULE, Valentine!" (and for the
    teacher "No teacher measures up to you!"
  • Turn a paper fan into a Valentine and write "I'm your #1 FAN, Valentine!"
  • Glue two wrapped candy canes together on a card and write "I CANE always
    count on you, Valentine!"
  • Bag some Candy corn and write"Just another CORNY Valentine"
  • Wrap your message around a roll of Lifesavers and write "Our friendship is on
    a ROLL, Valentine!"
  • Glue this cute message to a KITKAT candybar "I think you're PURRFECT,
  • Staple this sweet note to a bag of Gummy Bears: "You're UNBEARABLY cute,
  • Glue a plastic covered lollipop to a heart and write on the other side "I'm a
    SUCKER for you, Valentine!"
  • Bag some pink marshmallows or valentines candies and seal it with this free
    Cupid Poop printable gift tag.
  • Include a small bouncy ball in clear bag with a seal that reads: "Have a ball on
    Valentines Day!"
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