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LEGO is a kids party favorite. LEGO is two Danish words combined to mean "Play-Well,"
and that's exactly what will happen with kids when you plan a LEGO birthday party!
With the all the LEGO block candy and party supplies available online, like the LEGO
birthday candles, left, it should be relatively easy to plan a LEGO theme party. But if
you're looking for ideas outside the norm, such as making your own LEGO favors,
decorations and candy, then you've come to the right place.

Want the best LEGO block party on the block? Here's how to host a memorable
celebration building with LEGO bricks as your theme:

  • Build your own LEGO costume. Family Fun gives you instructions to make your
    own LEGO costume, right, from a cardboard box. Get out your spray paint,
    because Country Living Magazine has instructions for a LEGO costume as well.
    Kids will want to wear the comical LEGO costume at the party, so you may as
    well make LEGO costumes in different colors and have kids wear and pose with
    the birthday kid. Then use photos for thank-you cards.

  • Who needs LEGO party supplies? Save money and learn how to make LEGO
    favors, decorations, candy, and more for your LEGO theme birthday:

  • You'll cling to this LEGO refrigerator magnet idea. Include LEGO magnets as
    favors, or enclose them with the invitations to get guests excited about
    the party. Here are the instructions to make LEGO magnets.

  • Make LEGO jewelry. A bead store can help you make LEGO jewelry for
    yourself or the girls. For an easy start to LEGO jewelry making, try gluing
    abrick on an adjustable ring. If you know the drill, you can drill holes into
    LEGO bricks to make bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Even boys will
    wear a LEGO neckace if it's on a masculine chain. Does Dad love LEGO
    too? Make him LEGO cuff links to wear to the party.

  • Good clean LEGO fun. With the instructions to make LEGO soap bars, you
    can apply the same concept to melt crayons. Be sure to wrap in
    cellophane and label your craft so parents know it's not an edible LEGO
    treat. They certainly look tasty!

  • Create LEGO Candy for favors and treats:
  • LEGO chocolate bars start with colorful Wilton Candy melts. Simply
    pour candy melts into LEGO molds to make your own candy.
  • Here's how to make your own LEGO gummy candy. Be sure to click,
    next step to get the LEGO candy recipe to understand all the tools
    and ingredients you'll need.

    If you don't want to craft LEGO jewelry or candy yourself, you can rely on the
    artisans of for these sweet LEGO favors.

  • Build on ideas for LEGO favors.
  • Make your own LEGO favor boxes. If you have the talent to craft your own
    rectangular box from paper. You can also make a LEGO brick favor box
    from an empty facial tissue box. (Stock up at the dollar store as they are
    around a dollar each.) Turn the tissue box upside down so that you'll have
    a place to stuff the favors when you're done.  Next, spray the box. Then
    affix construction paper circles in matching colors with foam to make the
    circles rise slightly like a LEGO brick.
  • The LEGO Counting Bricks & Cups Activity set, left, includes 50 bricks and 5
    cups and helps Kindergarten kids to count and sort. Wrap LEGO brick
    candies and treats in cellophane.

Lego Cake and Cupcake Ideas

  • Build a serving tray for your LEGO birthday cake with LEGO  bricks. You might
    also build other platters and bowls for appetizers.

  • Here are the best LEGO cake instructions we found:
  • Bake the Family Fun LEGO Birthday Cake (a rectangle with six upside-
    down cupcakes on top). Gooey icing will look messy, so we suggest using
    fondant for the recipe.
  • Want to watch a video instruction to make LEGO cake? See how easy it is
    with Betty Crocker for inspiration.
  • Easy LEGO cupcakes. If you're not feeling creative for a birthday cake, you
    can simply lay LEGO candy brinks on top of cupcakes. Lego Candy Building
    Blocks, left, come in seven tart flavors, including red (cherry, yellow
    (banana), blue (raspberry), white (Pineapple), purple (grape), green
    (Lime), orange (orange).

LEGO Food Ideas
In 2006 Eggo Waffles created a LEGO branded Eggo product, but kids were apparently
disappointed that you couldn't really build anything with them. Whatever happened,
they are no longer being manufactured, so it will be up to your creativity to create
some LEGO inspired food for your party:

  • Use Lego containers, available on, for serving snacks at the party.

  • Lego Cookies and Cakes. You will also find a red Lego cake mold, fun Lego
    cookie cutters and even Lego Salt an Pepper shakers for your party at Be sure to get cash back shopping Lego.

  • Lego Ice Cubes. Freeze water with a little bit of food coloring in these fun
    Lego Ice Cube Trays, also available at Use Lego Ice cube trays
    For Jello Jigglers.

LEGO Games
You've probably already thought of having a game of guessing how many LEGO bricks
are in the jar.  For added fun, choose candy bricks and give the winner the jar! Here
are some other LEGO game ideas:

  • Build by blindfold. You'll stack up the fun when you blindfold the kids to see what
    they can create without the benefit of sight. Set a timer of 5-10 minutes
    (depending on age) and see who can create the tallest tower in the alloted time.

  • We "built this city": Get the kids on a collaborative event. Set out butcher paper
    and create tracks and trains for the LEGO wheel creations to roam and the LEGO
    house creations to rest.

LEGO Invitations
Things are stacking up for the LEGO party if you're crafty an following the projects
outlined on this page. Feeling blocked of creativity for the invitations? You can easily
pull together a home made card by embellishing a card with the LEGO brick stickers,
left. And the birthday boy can help. Order extras for the scrapbook memories of the
party, or for favors, and thank you cards.

Here are some ideas for invitations and thank-you cards to get

  • Picture perfect. Take a picture of your child next to his or her favorite LEGO
    creation, add a party hat and a balloon, and take a photo, or in the LEGO
    costume you've created for the party. This instantly sends the message of the
    fun to come. For the thank you cards, take a similar approach pictures of the kids
    with their creations.

  • Stack up the fun. Stack five LEGO bricks of assorted colors and write P-A-R-T-Y
    with a Sharpie, then stuff the bricks along with details of the party into a padded

Resources for your LEGO party:

  • Give the birthday kid the gift of LEGOLand! Plan your vacation in California!

  • Live near Indianapolis? Now through May 9, 2010 plan a visit to the Museum of
    Play to see the Lego Castle Adventure.

  • Make your own LEGO creatures with construction paper? Yes this is an activity
    ideal for a birthday with a LEGO theme.

  • See the "Super awesome LEGO party" crafted by three sisters. The same
    authors also provided a lucky birthday boy with a "LEGO agents party." This
    LEGO worthy blog provides instructions for making LEGO soap, too.

Real LEGO Parties
Thankfully there are lots of real LEGO parties to give you inspiration for the tables,
entryway, and more. If you can imagine it then you can
Host a LEGO horse birthday.
Here are some of our favorite LEGO themed parties:

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