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Matroyoshka Party
How to throw a party for kids with a Russian nesting doll theme

Thinking of hosting a Matryoshka doll party? Yes, you can have a nesting doll party for
your little Babushka! We've gathered the best resources on the Web to help you find
Matryoshka doll novelties, party favors and inspiration for a girl who loves Russian
dolls. Here's how to have a Matryoshka doll party to remember for years to come:

  • Turn them into nesting dolls. As girls arrive to the party, outfit them in a
    Matroyoshka scarf (you can make one yourself from a small square material you
    find at the fabric store). Then use the Russian Name Generator to give your
    little nesting dolls a name for the day. For example, Mary Brown becomes
    "Veronika Vasiliev." The girls will have fun learning their new names.

  • Get your nesting instincts by searching handmade. Start your Matroyoshka party
    search on The sweet Nesting doll party set from maryhadalittleparty,
    includes a dozen cupcake toppers and six favor tags with ribbon and
    cellophane. At ETSY, the place for all things handmade, you'll find a variety of
    sweet Russian nesting doll novelties and favors, including nesting doll rubber
    stamps, Matryoshka pendants, pocket mirrors, magnets and more:
  • The Matryoshka Doll printable paper, left, from FantasticToys: $3. These
    paper Matryoshka dolls, inspired by wooden Russian nesting dolls, is a
    Nesting Doll Printable Paper Craft available in a PDF to print from your
    home computer and assemble yourself. Mix and match, collect them all.
  • Nesting doll pony tail holders, left, by ButtonBoutique: $4

Matryoshka Invitation Ideas
It's not Matryoshka madness, it's an obsession and a party! You'll have fun creating
your own nesting doll invitations, but we have some resources if you want to make it
easy and order invitations or stamps to help:
  • Invite ETSY for help. It's a party with Matryoshka Party invitations by ETSY seller
    isabellsumbrella, not pictured: $10.50.
  • Paper doll chain. Make your own nesting doll invitations with inspiration and help
    from Zakka Life, left. The design starts with fancy paper
  • Stamp your obsession with Matroyska dolls. Order a Matryoshka doll stamp, left,
    by ETSY seller myrubberstamp: $12. Custom made with text you choose, use
    this personalized stamp for invitations, thank you cards, favor tags and more.
  • Stick to it! The Nesting doll stickers, right, on Amazon are just $2.95 and help
    you easily and affordably stick to the Matryoska doll theme. Use them to seal
    the envelopes, affix to the favors or give every child one as they enter the party.
  • Nesting Doll party invitation wording ideas:
  • From Russia With Love, we invite you to celebrate
  • Dina's Matryoskha Madness party
  • Get all dolled up Saturday, July 10 at noon for her birthday
  • Send your little nesting dolls to party at 123 Main Street
  • RSVP: Matryoshka Mama Natasha

What to serve at a Matryoshka party
Let's face it, most kids aren't going to go for authentic Russian food, like Borscht (beet
soup), but you can always make Jello with whipped cream topping and call in Borscht.
It's a kids party after all! Here are some other popular ideas to please kids at the

  • Get nutty for Matryoshkas. Coat Nutter Butter cookies, left, in chocolate and
    create your own nesting doll cookies or try Wilton Candy Melts in your color
    theme. Nutter Butter cookies are Matryoshka-doll shaped, so you can add a few
    special touches with icing gel (allow to dry) and serve your own brand of
    Matryoska cookies.

  • Impress your guests with nesting doll chocolates, left, which also make sweet
    favors for a Matryoshka party.

  • Russian tea cakes. You'll find pretty pink Russian tea cakes (also known as
    snowball cookies) from ETSY seller, Shoparoundthecorner2. Dusted with pretty
    pink confectioner's sugar, you can achieve the same effect in your party colors
    using Wilton's pink dusting sugar.

Nesting Doll Gifts

  • Paint your own nesting dolls. Give from the heart and paint your own nesting
    dolls to surprise your daughter with an heirloom memory to treasure. Or allow
    her to paint her own to display at the party. Safe for children, includes the
    brushes and instructions.

  • Nested gift giving. Instead of wrapping paper, give your gifts to the birthday girl
    in the festive nesting boxes, left. How apropos for a nesting doll party.

  • And that's a wrap: they make Nesting Doll Gift tape, right! What a special way to
    wrap the birthday girl's gift or to create a pretty accent for the envelopes of
    your Matryoshka party invitations and thank you cards.

Activities for a Matryoshka party

  • Stretch your theme a bit to include Russian themed activities, such as:
  • Russian Ballet. Kids can prance around and perform a Russian ballet
    moves, since prima ballerinas often train in Russia.
  • Have a Faberge Easter Egg hunt.  If you're so inclined, you can pain some
    eggs to look like Matryoshkas, inside those eggs, have a number for
    special prize.

Matryoshka party favors
True, Matryoshka party favors are hard to come by, but if you search online at
Amazon, you'll find Russian Nesting Dolls stickers, left, Matryosh-keys (Matryoshka doll
shaped key covers), right, and more, like the Matryoshka coin purse, left. We even
found Russian doll notecards.

Matryoshka Doll Birthday Party Resources

  • Find authentic Russian Matryoshka doll linens for your kitchen (potholders and
    aprons, dish towels, etc.) online from There's even a
    matching tea cozy for the perfect nesting doll tea party.

  • Get inspiration for a Matryoshka Doll Birthday Party from someone who has
    already hosted a nesting doll party:

  • The Matryoshka Doll Birthday Party by Stephmodo included a game of
    "Find the Nesting Dolls" and pin the bow on the Matryoshka  Doll. Her
    resources for the party?  The Beehive Bazaar in Seattle, plus Ikea, and
    ETSY, of course.
  • Nesting doll baby shower. See a real Matryoshka party in action with this
    beautiful blue baby shower with personalized nesting dolls as the cake
    topper, and sweet as can be Matryoshka invitations to match.

Real matryoshka parties  
We hope our guide has inspired you to throw a Matryoshka party for your little
babushka. We link to quality sites, so please
share party ideas with us on Twitter.
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