Snowman milk bottle
Free Nice to Snow You & Happy Holidays labels from Living Locurto
Snowman birthday
How to have frosty fun in a  birthday party for kids

Get snowed in and throw a snowman party for your little guy! You really can have a
party with any theme you like, even one with snowmen, and here's how to let it snow,
let it snow let it snow:

  • Print snowmen: Get the party started with  free snowman printables from Living
    Locurto. Use these party embellishments for labeling bottles of snowman drinks.
    They include super cute sayings, like "Nice to Snow you." You'll find a pretty blue
    and red theme of bottle wrappers, gift tags to use for favors, cupcake wraps
    and more.

  • Make a melted Snowman: A simple and funny decor idea is to set out a large
    glass mason jar filled with water. Float a carrot nose, and a couple of olives and
    three large red buttons in the jar and seal. If you can find a small plastic top hat
    float it too. You may find one in the New Year's section of your party ,local
    supply. The finishing touch is a piece of red felt or fabric around the neck of the
    jar. Voila! You now have a melted snowman to display. See more snowman
    decore ideas below.

  • Serve Winter party foods. You'll find rock candy swizzle sticks to embellish drinks,  
    white Jordan almonds and white candies for a candy buffet and more when you
    visit our white party food ideas. Your party colors might also include:

Foods to serve at a snowman party
What to serve at your party? There are a blizzard full of fun ideas. We've gathered our
favorite food ideas for a snowman party here:

  • Snowman bagel: Serve the simple snowman bagel, top left, as a way to inspire
    the birthday kid for the party. Simply spread cream cheese on a bagel and have
    the birthday kid decorate the creation with veggies.

  • Vintage snowman cake pop with milk: Start with empty frapuccino glasses, which
    look like vintage milk bottles. Scrub them clean, fill them with milk, and top them
    with an edible snowman head: simply a small donut hole or brownie bite
    covered in white fondant. Add a fruit rollup scarf and "glue" chocolate chips to
    the glass with a dab of white icing gel.

  • Snowman cookie craft: Have kids decorate frosted cookies with edible markers,

  • Snowman theme birthday cakes:
  • Check out how to make Frosty the cupcake: See the video from Family Fun.
  • What a better way to serve up the snowmen cupcakes than with the snowmen
    baking cups, left, by Wilton.
  • Set out your creations on Winter white cake stands for your dessert table.

  • Do not forget the donuts. The mini powdered donut is an edible snowman
    decoration idea. Make easy Snowman donuts by decorating mini donuts with
    icing gel eyes, a raisin smile and candy corn nose.

  • Sip a snowman. The sweet Snowmen sippies will help the kids wash down all the
    yummy snowman treats with this idea from Better Homes and Gardens. Find a
    glass soda bottle (Jones works well, because you can remove the label), fill it
    with milk, then top the bottle with a skewered donut hole with a straw in your
    party colors.

  • More snowman theme party food ideas
  • Snowmen appetizers (skewer & stack three meatballs). Add a small carrot
    wedge for the nose, and make a face with
  • Rice cereal treat snowmen.
  • Make a melted snowman: vanilla ice cream. Or serve up a coconut snowman (an
    idea from Martha Stewart).
  • Cream cheese balls
  • Roast marshmallows over the firepit to serve a Toasty Snowman. Idea from
    Family Fun.

Snowman crafts

  • Decorate a snowman cookie: If you're looking for a great craft idea for the party
    or project for kids this winter, try the wonderful box of gourmet sugar cookies,
    left. Organic rich vanilla sugar cookies, baked fresh to order, the snowmen
    cookies include the amazing edible food-coloring markers. Kids will love drawing
    something they get to eat.

  • Snowman Cake pops: Skewer three marshmallows on a stick and dip on white
    candy melts. Or save yourself the trouble and buy the yummy marshmallow
    snowman pops left, by Sugar Plum Chocolates

Snowman party favors

  • Do it yourself snowman favors:
  • With open arms, the snowman bendies, left, are irristably cute and kids love to
    fiddle with them.
  • Snowman porcupine are always loved by kids simply because of the texture.

Snowman decorations

  • Stock up on snowflakes! Get loads of snowflake decorations cheaply at the Dollar
    Tree stores annually. You'll find foam white varieties and clear plastic ornaments,
    as well as blue coasters and large blue foam pieces you can place like doilies
    under your dishes for the buffet. And of course you can always make your own
    snowflakes from paper the old fashioned way.

Real Snowman parties
Having a snowman party is most definitely unique, but others have had this unusual
party idea. Check out the real snowman parties:

  • This party is a real blast: Check out snow for parties in Los Angeles. This
    "entertainment contractor" will create snowy landslides so you can make
    snowballs, snowmen and live in a winter wonderland, no matter the balmy
    Southern California weather.

  • Snowman milk to the cookies: Warm up to this candy coated snowman party
    featuring snowman milk bottles. Nothing is better than milk to wash down a
    donut or cookies!

Tell us about your real Snowman party and
share party ideas with us on Twitter.
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