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How to host a birthday party with a train theme!

Get off your caboose! It's time to plan a train themed birthday party for your little
engineer. Think you can? Think you can? Think you can? Then come on and do the
locomotion with a train themed birthday party. It's full steam ahead, because we have
a train-load of great ideas, especially for a first birthday or second birthday.

Here's how to stay on track with a terrific train party for your little engineer:

  • All aboard the two-two train! You can engineer the perfect party for your two-
    year old with Two Two Train party supplies, pictured left. As a second birthday,
    this collection of train party supplies will help you make a great start to the
    terrific twos. Your guests will appreciate the sweet humor. Be sure to bake our
    big batch sugar cookies using a large 2 cookie cutter

  • Give them a ticket to ride the party train. Let your child's imagination chug along
    with your train party. Provide guests with "tickets" as invitations. He'll love
    helping you punch tickets of guests that arrive to board the birthday train as
    the conductor. Make copies or design tickets yourself and have guests
    "purchase" them at a station booth will call. There you can check in the
    "luggage" of gifts. Look also to for train invitations.

  • Display the birthday gifts in a train. Make cargo boxes from cardboard box tops
    (the kind found by the copy machine at work). You can spray paint them, add
    wheels from construction paper

  • Cover his caboose! No need to buy a costume for your little Engineer, just top
    him with a painter-style cap, a red bandanna and overalls. However, if you
    want to give him some tools of the trade, then play around with the idea of the
    Train Engineer Play set, right by Melissa and Doug. The essential pieces will
    allow him to tinker around with repairs, too. And who could resist the cuddly
    Gund Railroad bear, above right? You've "Gotta get a Gund!" He'll look so cute
    matching his teddy and he can sing along to "I've been working on the
    railroad." The bear moves his head and mouth.

If you've been working all the Live-long day at your job, then you're wondering just
how you're going to get this done in time for the birthday.

  • Load your MP3 with train music! "I Love Toy Trains," right, by James Coffey has a
    catchy Cajon blue-grass style. Listen to samples of the full album of this award
    winning songwriter and download music right now directly from Amazon.  The
    album is also available in CD-format. You'll find the classic "I've been working on
    the Railroad."

  • Train spotting. Set the television for continual play of the "Lots and Lots of
    Trains" DVD, right. You ll see big trains, little trains, steam, diesel, freight and
    passenger trains, and trains from around the world, as well as old trains, new
    trains, fast trains, slow trains, city, country and mountain trains, even trains
    that blow through snow! Plus, garden trains, scenic trains, electric, monorail
    and long forgotten trains, and more.

Train party decoration ideas
Set the mood for your party with music. Here are more ways to decorate your party

  • Things are stacking up for the party. Set out a classic wooden toy train at the
    cake table or buffet for all to admire. Dad's old trains will bring back memories of
    yesteryear. If you don't already have one, we recommend the wooden stacking
    train, left, from Melissa and Doug which is heirloom quality. At around $17, you'll
    treasure the memories without getting your budget off track.

  • Hang a railroad crossing sign at the party entrance. The quality metal sign, right,
    will be a wonderful reminder of your party for the birthday boy's room.

Train Party Invitations:
The cutest train birthday card is from Dolce Mia, left. Add the matching Thank You card
right and you're done. You can also customize train ticket style invitations with this
custom design found on ETSY, left. Here are some wording ideas to customize your
invitations even further:

  • Invitations and party wording ideas:
  • All aboard the two-two train! It's Michael's birthday!
  • Get on the party train Saturday, May 15 at noon
  • (This is one train you won't want to miss!)
  • Station: 123 Main Street
  • RSVP Conductor Janie at 867-5309

Train birthday cakes

  • Bake a three dimensional cupcake train. The 3-D train mold, left is great for cakes,
    ice cream cakes, gelatins and ice sculptures. (It takes a eight cups of batter.)

  • Chug ahead with Wilton's Choo Choo Train Cake pan:  The Choo Choo Train Set,
    by Wilton, left, is a two-piece pan that snaps together to help you create a cake
    that's 10 x 4 x 6 inches high. (It takes six cups of batter.)

Train birthday favors:
A wooden train whistle is a classic must have for a train birthday favor. Here are train
candy and other ideas to get your mind on track:

  • Dover train sticker books, left, make a simple and sweet favor.  Pair them with a
    train cookie or train candy. These stickers are also fun to add to the envelopes
    of your invitations and thank you cards.

  • Is he a sucker for a lollipop? The train sucker mold, left, will help you make cute
    train favors. Just melt chocolate, pour into the mold and add the sticks. Other
    more colorful ideas, use Wilton candy melts in your party colors. Or make
    lollipops by melting hard candies. Wrap your train treats in cellophane bags and
    curling ribbon to match your party theme colors. Then prop your creations in
    clear vase filled with candies in your party colors. This will make a nice

  • Stack together a candy train. Glue together your favorite wrapped candies to
    form a sweet candy train. This train candy idea from Betty Crocker also looks
    terrific at the holidays around a cake.

  • Pinata stuffers. Fill your train pinata with party sweets, butter mints packaged in
    train motifs.

  • More train candy ideas: The candy train gift box, right, will look terrific on the
    tables as decoration and you can save it for Christmas! You may also like to
    stock Hammond's coal candy, right, for kids to try. Wilton candy melts in fun
    colors can help you build a sweet circus candy train.

Resources for a train theme party
Are you "Going off the rails in a crazy train" trying to figure out some party games?

  • Rent a train! provides a list of providers who have trackless
    trains so you can go for a ride in your very own neighborhood.

Real Train parties

  • Make this whistle stop. Head to WH Hostess for customized train cake toppers,
    invitations and thank you cards, banners and more train party supplies. Here's
    how a real train party looks using these train party supplies.

  • Chug along with some inspiration from Thomas. See the Thomas the train
    inspired party from Project Nursery, which borrows the red and blue color
    scheme, and yet stays true to a modern train party. This train party sticks to a
    color theme of red using polka dots and hues of baby blue. Model the train look
    with a blue taffy in an apothecary jar. See our blue party foods for more ideas,
    including where to order blue taffy. Red hots candies (for the adults, of course)
    would be a fun accent for the polka dot theme.

  • Amtrak party: Head for Amtrak and host a party on the train! Right, you'll find
    the Amtrak party invitations and party plates.

Have ideas for  train invitations? Have you ever made a train birthday cake? We'd love to
see your pictures. Tell us about your real Train party and
share party ideas by visiting us
on Twitter.
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