Twins party
How to plan a party for multiples

Kids parties are fun to plan and double the fun with twins: but may also be double
the trouble. Here's what to expect and how to plan a birthday party for twins or
multiples that's easy on your budget, entertaining for guests and satisfying for both
of the birthday boys or girls:

  • Seeing double party themes. Selecting the party theme is top on the list of
    difficult tasks when planning a party for twins of opposite gender. Creativity is
    key! In their younger years, your twins will be content with whatever theme
    you choose:
  • Thing one and thing two. Throw a Cat in the Hat party for the twins with
    the good Dr. Suess.
  • We double dog dare you to throw a dog party for your twins.
  • Kids parties don't have to cost a lot of dough. A Play-Doh party is ideal for
    twins as both boys and girls enjoy Play-Doh.

  • Double troubles. Don't be surprised if you get more regrets to your party than
    anticipated. For the party goer,  attending a party for a multiple also means
    shopping for and paying for multiple gifts: it's one party that may throw their
    gift giving budget out of whack. Sure, you can have a "no gifts please" clause
    in the party invitations (or suggest party goers make donations to a favorite
    charity) but it's a kids party after all, and as kids parties go, presents are part
    of the fun of being a kid, so prepare your twins for the inevitable:
  • your kids may receive one gift for the both of them or one twin may get
    more gifts than the other. Such is a twin's life. In advance of the party
    explain how things won't be fair and square, but that the object of the
    party is to enjoy the celebration of friends and family.
  • there may be more girls at the party than boys or vice versa.
    Perhaps the twins won't notice, but to avoid any hurt feelings, prepare your
    kids to accept what comes their way graciously. Practice what to say, such as
    "Great we can share this!"
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